Will Bitcoin Survive 5 Factors From Each Side of the Debat

Will Bitcoin Survive? 5 Factors From Each Side of the Debate

Bitcoin is probably the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, also known inside the community. With the value of the digital currency declining by $3,000 many people still feel FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to purchasing at the end of 2018

Still, the market has a volatile character, and cryptocurrency prices could change dramatically in the next few months. Changelly has been in the market for five years now and has managed to observe all the necessary developments. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 factors from every aspect of the debate for the next several years and try to find out if this is a good investment. Here we go.

Bitcoin Staying Power

These are some of the most important reasons why investors and experts are happy with BTC.

Bitcoin Reliability

A key aspect of Bitcoin’s popularity is that it has a certain amount of financial stability. One of the best ways to explain this is that bitcoin is resistant to the conspiracies of the national central banks.

This, in itself, is one of the reasons why all sorts of investors see bitcoin as a “secure haven” in a batch equity market. As people face new doubts in the traditional banking system and the stock market, Bitcoin finds its own luster.


Bitcoin is more portable as compared to gold and valuable metals. It conveys its own permanent record chain wherever it goes. What’s more, investigate the entirety of the Bitcoin ATMs spiring up on street intersections, and Add the simple assets Bitcoin tools on platforms such as PayPal. Bitcoin is becoming perhaps the most straightforward resource for buy and holds for the future.

A Big Market

There is a lot of infrastructures that are connected to the bitcoin market, and then there is the value. Bitcoin started as a cheap digital coin, But now the price of a coin is more than several people have inequity in their houses

Bitcoin has been extensively accepted and almost universally as an investment. Initially, there should have been a digital way of paying for things. Instead, it has become a digital commodity of all kinds, and one that is extensively famous in investment markets.


Bitcoin also offers a degree of data anonymity for holders and customers. It’s like a double-edged sword, as we will see on the other side of the bitcoin debate, but anonymity does have some appeal to a certain class of investors who put the previous amount under the mattress. In this way, with some luck, their assets will hit inflation.

Decentralized Finance

In addition, the agreement-based nature of Bitcoin investment and following implies that it has that automation for frictionless verification or automatic trust. This thus considers less expensive and more proficient exchanges that don’t need to go through the entirety of the intricate confirmations in the conventional financial framework. So while individuals used to send worldwide payments through protocols like SWIFT, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give a simple method to change this model for good.

Reason Why bitcoin will Fail

The following reason why it fails

  • Fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Time and mining issues
  • Laws and regulations
  • Lack of leadership ability

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