Augmented Reality Cloud

What’s AR Cloud? The Augmented Reality Cloud Explained

Augmented Reality is everywhere. It’s at the movies, on our phones, and even the next breakthrough in advertising. While everyone knows that AR is exploding, most people don’t know that it’s becoming synonymous with one technology in particular: the cloud.

What is the Augmented Reality Cloud? 

Augmented reality is the application of computer-generated images and information on the real world that surrounds us. Most commonly these are used to display information on the smartphones of consumers who have them equipped with such devices as cameras. Augmented reality technology has been around for decades and has been proven in many applications. The technology behind it was developed by the military during the Vietnam War for use in battlefield areas where visibility was limited and details were important. However, using such devices for everyday purposes is now much easier as content is created by the computer hardware industry.

How the Augmented Reality Cloud works

The Augmented Reality cloud uses a combination of software and artificial intelligence (AI) to create detailed 3D models of items. These are then used in a variety of ways by both Shopify and partner companies to help improve fulfillment operations. The technology enables multiple ways for brands to interact with their customers. For example, it can allow Shopify partners to visualize where orders will ship from a specific store and time, allowing them to customize marketing accordingly. The augmented reality cloud also enables the quick measurement and analysis of product performance in real-time.

Augmented Reality Cloud Vendors 

Augmented reality cloud vendors AR is a vast new frontier for the Internet of Things. Cloud vendors help cloud systems to interpret data and provide answers to questions with very little programming effort. Augmented reality is also commonly known as mixed reality or neoporm.

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