What is the Internet of Behavior (IoB) and why is it the top trend of 2021

What is the Internet of Behavior (IoB) and why is it the top trend of 2021?

Internet of behaviors (IoB)

The mixture of the internet of things is supporting people to do multiple tasks with only one click. Thanks to the advancement in our smartphones and internet connectivity all over the world, connecting many people to the internet and everything around us. From Google Home Voice Controller to August doorbell Camera, Bitdefender Box IoT Security Solutions, etc. You can see that the Internet of Things is playing an important role in our daily lives. Data collected through IoT devices give important information regarding users’ habits, pursuits, and preferences. This has covered the way for an innovative technology which is called the Internet of behaviors (IoB)

Internet of Behavior (IoB) is one of the topmost technology trends of 2021. The Covid 19 pandemic is partially responsible for creating IOB’s most advanced trend because it has transformed how users communicate with the brands and companies are working to ensure that how they engage users. IoB will be in vogue in the upcoming times, and it’s predicted that by 2023, the particular activities of forty percent of the world’s population will be digitally explored to change human behavior. So, what accurately is the IOB, and how is it improving the situation?

Internet of Behavior: Extension of IoT

The Internet of Behavior abbreviated as IoB is described as a source connecting electronic tools to the Internet, and IoB is a branch of the Internet of things that divulges important information regarding our behavior. It is a mutual connection of tools that give extensive data and important insights into customer experience, SEO, behavior, fascinations, and preferences.

As stated by Gartner, IOB connects technologies focused on people identification, data integration, and behavioral mapping.

Internet of behaviors (IoB) refers in simple terms to the method through which user-controlled data and analyzed in the context of behavioral psychology and the data thus gathered is utilized to know that by companies How to market the end products and services offered. IoB is not as technically complex as it is from a psychological point of view. This requires a study of statistics to be conducted. Mapping of daily habits and practices without complete disclosure of user privacy for moral and legal purposes.

The role and support of the Internet of Behavior

By developing technological modifications and advances in machine learning algorithms, IOB helps capture, analyze, understand, and respond to all kinds of human behavior by tracking people’s behavior. And it can be interpreted. This innovative technology is functional as well as descriptive, meaning it helps to analyze user behavior and determine which psychological changes are to be affected in order to draw a particular conclusion. It influences customer preferences and allows companies to improve the user experience of the products/services they offer. Improving performance and quality is the main goal of IOB!

Advantages of Internet of Behavior (IoB)

This evolutionary technology is proving to be beneficial in many ways. Businesses are recently using IOB to sell their services and products to help us change our practices and achieve our desired goals. IOB affects companies’ innovative ways of marketing products and services, as well as consumer and employee behavior.

It can be utilized to monitor compliance with health protocols on an industrial site to obtain behavioral events. For instance, using sensors / RFID tags in an individual or environment can be utilized to monitor whether employees are washing their hands frequently. Thus, computer vision can be utilized to determine if workers are following the Mask Protocol. In addition, speakers within the society can be utilized to warn people of rules violations.


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