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What Is Jira : An Overview of a Best Project Management Tool

Jira Software Overview 

Jira Software is an issue tracking tool that helps individuals and teams communicate effectively with a focus on increasing productivity and collaboration for software development. Let’s have a look at what makes it different from other project management tools. It is the market-leading agile project management software that helps engineering teams streamline project work from start to finish and reduce the cost of change.

Now Jira is available in three separate packages.

  • Jira Core: The central part of the Jira project management platform.
  • Jira Software: Provides all the features of Jira Core, but also involves additional agile features.
  • Jira Service Desk: Designed for IT experts or other help desks. As it has nothing to do with project management, Jira’s service desk will ignore this guide.

What is Jira used for?

From the outset, Jira has been extended to include all forms of project management. The platform uses all kinds of Jira project management skills involving software development, bug tracking, Agile project management, content management, scrum administration, expert services control, & more.

JIRA Provides us the following features:

  • Provides real-time feedback and milestones
  • Categorize and track your projects
  • Offer a great customer experience with Jira Software
  • Keep your customers updated using Jira Software
  • Visibility into the progress of your projects
  • A feature worth talking about: powerful dashboards
  • Fix workflows with swim lanes
  • Product boards integrate backlog, Kanban, and sprints
  • Jira Software can manage multiple projects
  • Use time tracking to deliver results
  • Issue Management
  • User Profiles
  • Jira On Demand
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Data Import & Export capabilities
  • Reporting and data visualizations
  • Mobile Apps and Add-Ons

Using Jira for Kanban

Over the past three years, Jira’s progenitor company, Atlassian Jira, has obtained Trello, another successful Kanban project management tool. This is adding up-gradation to the Jira user interface and user experience. It also includes significant improvements to the Kanban system.

Creating a Kanban card in Jira is easy. Create them during the initial installation process or add them to an existing project. During the initial setup, you will be asked what you want to use Jira for, what experience you have with Jira, and what kind of administration style you want to use.

Once you Choose Kanban, then you will be guided by the Jira guide for designing a new workflow board for project management. If you are creating one of your current projects, simply click on the project name in the left menu and select the option “Create the new board”.

Kanban Jira’s workflow is also based on a drag-and-drop interface system, so you and your team members can easily move issues as they see fit. You can utilize this method to track marketing applications, flaw fixes in your software, software operations, and all types of different projects. It is an easy, so far elegant method that teams at all levels of knowledge will know.

Using Jira for Scrum

Jira permits you to complete projects quickly and efficiently by creating scrums that track sprints and backlogs. If your project is large and requires several rounds to finish, the Jira scrum Board can aid you to simplify the deployment phase by utilizing smaller sprints. Developers can use Jira Software for agile planning, control, and collaboration to manage software projects of all sizes. It accelerates software development by providing a single source of truth for information about the project.

Jira software kanban board

To customize a scrum board in Jira, simply choose “scrum” as an administration style during the initial arrangement measure or make another scrum board in your current project in the same way that you would for making another Kanban work process. You will choose particular tasks from your backlog and put them in a different short-term spirit.

Jira also customizes your sprints in a sub-Kanban board view so that you can concentrate on the current task and not all the project tasks. The most satisfying part is the effectiveness with which you can shift along with Kanban and Scrum views.

Using Jira for Content Management

This was my new experience with Jira and it is yet relevant in this regard. Jira has different varieties of usage formats including content management in business templates.

Once you have chosen this format, Jira software will make a Kanban work process that covers each thing you will need to modify, update and post content for business marketing. You can utilize the standard levels you make for yourself or you can modify the method by adding and deleting extra steps to make sure all your tasks are monitored.

The best thing regarding utilizing Jira for content management is that it combines with modern publishing platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace.

Using Jira for Issue Tracking

Conclusively, Jira’s Breadcrumbs: Issue Tracking is the purpose for which Jira was created and still works well as an issue tracker. Jira lets you define and make new issue tasks, add Screenshots of current software issues, prioritize progress, and track them throughout your workflow.

You can also change your workflow to detect errors from other types of problems or tasks, avoiding confusion between the QA team and the product development team.


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