What is Blockchain Technology A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginner

What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Definition of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology appears to be a complex structure, & it surely would be, but the fundamental concept of blockchain is actually pretty easy. Blockchain looks like a database that can be utilized to perceive the digital transfer of property. 

The collection of data that is stored in computers is called a database. The information in a database is usually formatted in a spreadsheet form to make it more straightforward to find and separate particular information.

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain Technology means peer-to-peer decentralized distributed ledger technology that records any digital asset and data in the blockchain that is unable to edit. it works without including any third-party intermediary.

Is Blockchain Technology the New Internet

Here you will come to know about what blockchain technology is, and also its unique features. Hope you get lots of updates and enjoy informative reading. A blockchain is, in simple terms, a one-time series of immovable data records managed by a group of computers that do not own a single item. Data blocks are protected and bounded through cryptographic principles.

So, what’s so significant about it, and why are we saying it has the potential to impact the industry?

By the definition of democracy, the blockchain network has decentral authority. Due to a shared and immovable ledger, the information is open to anyone and everyone. Hence, blockchain is transparent by nature, and every person is accountable for their own actions.

How does blockchain operate?

Create an image using a worksheet that has been replicated many times in a computer network. After replicating the image, suppose that this network is built to update this worksheet on a regular basis and you have fundamental knowledge about blockchain.

The information stored on the blockchain is spread to every person as well as permanently reconciled as a database. In this way, the network with a surety of advantage is used. The blockchain database is secure in multiple locations. Also, it contains public records that can be easily verified. A central version of this information cannot be used to hack hackers. does not exist. Its data is accessible to every person on the Internet because of hosting millions of computers continuously.

Why blockchain gained so much popularity?

The reason behind that:

  • It is not the property of a single act, and it is not centralized. 
  • The data is protected from encryption.
  • The blockchain is immovable, so no one can edit with the data that is in the blockchain.
  • Blockchain is transparent so anyone can track data if they want to

Three pillars of blockchain technology

The following three important properties of blockchain technology that have aided it to gain widespread acceptance are given below:

  • Decentralization feature of blockchain
  • Transparency of blockchain
  • Immutability in blockchain


We were more accustomed to centralized services like a bank before the invention of Bitcoin & BitTorrent. The idea is very straightforward. To store all the data you have given a central entity and to retrieve the whole information you need to have clear communication with this organization.

Information is secured through multiple acts in a decentralized system. Every user becomes a part of the system that has information.  In a decentralized network, you can communicate directly with your friend without the involvement of a third party. This was the central idea behind bitcoins. Only you are in charge of your money. Besides going to the bank, you can directly send money to any person you want.


Transparency is the second pillar of blockchain technology that comes with it. The system is entirely transparent because all information such as transactions between customers is stored on the public ledger.

The transparency perspective makes it fairly impossible to engage in fraudulent transactions or any kind of suspicious business. It provides a level of justice that we never need to get involved in.

Immutability in blockchain

Immutability is the third pillar, in the view of blockchain, which means that once data enters the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with. Blockchains are designed to be immovable. Once a block is written on a blockchain, in fact, it cannot be changed. In short words, spreadsheets and databases are compatible. A blockchain is designed to be immovable. Once a piece of information gets there, you can rely on it never changing.

Main Components of blockchain networks

  • Node Application.
  • Distributed Ledger.
  • Consensus Algorithm.
  • Virtual Machine.

What is Blockchain good for?

The capability to create value and authenticate digital information is provided by blockchain networks to internet users which aid to grow business. 

  • Smart contracts
  • The sharing economy
  • Support users crowdfunding
  • Governance handling 
  • File storage management
  • Ensure the security of Intellectual property. 
  • Data Management
  • Stock trading

What issues can blockchain technology solve?

Blockchain can solve the following problems. 

  • Cross-border payment.
  • Supply chain management. 
  • Identity theft.
  • provides security to patient data in healthcare organizations. 
  • Digital copyright and piracy. 
  • Government system and public sector.

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