20+ Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 PC Laptop Computer

Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 PC | Laptop | Computer

Every one of the laptops and PCs will certainly encounter more slow paces eventually as software becomes more hardware intensive and how your PC acts to these progressions can fundamentally affect its presentation.  Here, you will get every one of the significant tweaks and tips with some expert guidance that will help you speed up Windows 10 PC.

Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 PC

  1.  Uninstall unnecessary Software
  2.  Close system tray programs
  3.  Stop programs running on start-ups.
  4.  Defrag your hard disk.
  5. Select Opaque Effect
  6.  Add more RAM to speed up the computer 
  7.  Reduce the Boot Menu time-out
  8. Check for spyware and viruses to increase the speed of Laptop
  9.  Disable automatic updates.
  10.  Check your power plan.
  11.  Analyze your web browser
  12.  Shut off Windows tips and tricks.
  13.  Clean up your Disk
  14.  Adjust or disable graphics and animations.
  15.  Turn on automated Windows maintenance.
  16.  Update device drivers
  17. Few other important tips

Uninstall unnecessary Software:

Your laptop is pre-loaded with numerous applications that many people will not use. However, these apps will take up a lot of storage on your laptop. You can identify this when you get a notification to update software that has never been used before.

To uninstall unnecessary software

Step 1: Search the control panel from the search bar

Step 2: After open, the control panel Go to the program -> right click on the unnecessary program which you want to Uninstall

Speed up pc

Close system tray programs:

At the point when you find that your PC is starting slowly, at that point it may be that your PC is stuffed with too many programs running.

The steps you need to take.

Step 1: To access the system tray, click the arrow at the top right of your taskbar.

Step 2: It will show all running programs, so you can remove the programs which are unwanted from the taskbar.

Close system tray programs

Stop programs running on startup.

Some programs running in the tray, Windows 10 applications that run automatically on startup can slow down your laptop’s processing.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager or press Ctrl-Shift-Escape keys to launch the Task Manager.

Step 2: Open the Startup tab, and you’ll be able to see all the tasks that run on Startup and their effects. If you want to disable anything, press the right button and select the option to disable. so the program will be closed.

Stop programs running on startup

Defrag your hard disk.

This is because the different files that make up the complete file are scattered on the physical surface of the drive platter.

Follow these steps to defragment your hard disk:

  1. In the first step, you need to find the search bar on the taskbar and write the defrag Word.
  2. After doing the first step, select the Defragment and Optimize Drives option.
  3. Now choose the disk drive you want to upgrade.
  4. Click on the optimize button

Defrag your hard disk

Select Opaque Effect

Perform the following steps to choose an opaque effect

  1. First of all, write the setting word in the search bar and select the setting option 
  2. After this new screen is open then chose the personalization 
  3. In the next step open the colors and off the transparency effect
  4. Check the Make Start, taskbar, and action center option.

Select Opaque Effect

Add more RAM to speed up the system 

One RAM can add virtual memory to your laptop and Windows 10 system. Low RAM slows down the operating system and brings it to a screeching point.

Basically, the more you use your laptop, the more your laptop starts consuming virtual memory. Therefore, you should always add extra RAM (random access memory) to your laptop or computer if you are using it excessively. By adding more RAM modules, you can get faster performance from your laptop.

Reduce the Boot Menu time-out

  1. Press the right button on the Start option and click the Control Panel.
  2. After this go to system -> advance system setting, & under startup and recovery, choose settings 
  3. Next to Time to show a list of operating systems: you should change the value from 30 seconds to 10 seconds and press the OK button.

Reduce the Boot Menu time-out

Check for spyware and viruses to increase the speed of Laptop

You need to utilize some spyware or virus scanner software to increase the speed of your laptop. You can also check which antivirus program manages to scan your whole computer and remove malicious software and malicious files to increase the speed of the laptop.

You should also purchase anti-virus software to detect malicious software/files and secure your hard drive from malware. You may utilize anti-virus software to remove circulating malware.

Disable automatic Updates

In general, this will aid if you do not disable automated software updates. The easiest way to keep your device safe and secure from cyber-attacks and to fix compatibility issues. Turning off all automatic updates can leave your laptop vulnerable to serious security breaches.

On the other hand, some issues can be considered excusable. In such a case, suppose you’re using a laptop as a gaming device. At the moment, game distribution platforms like Steam and Epic Games are more likely to store multiple major updates and patches on your computer. For these updates, to run the games you also need your software or hardware to be compatible with the latest updates.

Check your power plan.

  1. In the first step open the control panel-> system & security and then the power option where you will find the currently running power plan for your laptop.
  2. If you need a better performance you can select the high-performance mode
  3. Select the “additional power setting” to set the high-performance mode

Check your power plan

Analyze your web browser

To analyze the popular browser

  1. For Google Chrome:
  2. Go to Settings-> Privacy and Security
  3. Select Clear Browsing Data

You can also remove the cookies and other site data from these settings

Shut off Windows tips and tricks.

  1. choose the Settings icon.
  2.  Go to System and select the Notifications and actions
  3. Drop down the menu and off tips and trick

shut off Windows tips and tricks

Clean up your Disk

You will also need to clean the junk file from the system to speed up your laptop 

Just follow these three steps

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select the System and Security-> Administrative Tools 
  3. Choose the Disk Cleanup option.

Clean up your Disk


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