Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

The Essential Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms

The digital marketing glossary listed below is THE workhorse of digital marketing. Although it can’t cover all possible terms, it comprises most concepts, activities, software tools, and metrics used by digital marketers. If you are new to digital marketing or simply seek a one-stop shop for the essentials, this is the list for you.

Glossary of Digital Marketing Terms 

Alt text or Alt Image Text 

The Alt Text or Alt Image Text is one of the most important elements when HTML coding a website. It is often overlooked because it is just an option where you can add any information but in reality, it is very powerful. When writing the text in the alt text field, you’re writing for someone who’s using pixel-by-pixel screen reader technology to read their way around the web. If you’re not familiar with this technology, it basically uses the screenshot on your screen and reads what’s on each of those pixels. The alt text allows these users to know what is on that page (and more importantly what’s linked).

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Anchor Text 

Anchor text is a unique piece of text used as a link to another website. On web pages, anchor text is the text that is clicked on to navigate the user to another page or resource.

Application Programming Interface 

The term “API” takes on many meanings when it is used when describing the technology. It’s a procedure that helps one thing to interact with another. Often, when people talk about APIs they are referring to the programming interfaces used to interact with software applications or websites.


Backlinks are the lifeblood of any website’s success or failure in a competitive SERPs climate or any dominant static links that point to your most important pages. It is essential that you know how to get quality backlinks and track their performance.

Backlink Strategy 

A backlink is strategically using the web to your advantage. There are different methods you can use to find backlinks – some easier than others, but all will eventually result in your gaining quality backlinks. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO and a vehicle for ranking the website well in search engine results pages. Having quality backlinks can drastically improve your organic traffic and put you on the fast track to earning more money from your website.

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Banner Ads 

Banner ads have become a vital part of all online businesses. The presence of such advertisements on a website directly affects how users perceive it. Users can quickly become accustomed to the service or product offered and become weary of complaints regarding its quality. If users begin to feel disrespected or annoyed by banner ads, then there is a high possibility that they will abandon your website. This may lead you to lose revenue and cease operations altogether.

Bounce Rate 

Bounce Rate is a crucial part of the overall user experience when it comes to online shopping. It’s the ratio of the shopping cart page view to the total page views for an online store. This ratio serves as a key factor when it comes to how well a website can optimize its design for SEO. It’s something you can calculate by opening up your favorite shopping website and entering the URL into the Google search bar, developer tools section, or by browsing through the cached pages on your hosting service’s cPanel facing your website.

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Marketing campaigns are like opportunities to get your name out there and connect with your target audience in a new way. They can take many forms- from content creation, to lead generation and even buying ads. Any digital marketing campaign will require specific tactics, however, whether you are creating content for your blog or YouTube channel, everyone needs the campaign to reference. And, as with any piece of content Internet marketers create, the link between your content and your campaign should always be there for consumers.


Canva is a powerful free online templates site, with templates for just about everything you could possibly need. Import templates from a variety of sources including PDFs, images, Word documents, and even audios.

Click Funnel 

The Click Funnel is a funnel of information designed to lead to a certain destination.  It can be an e-mail, or it could be a website where you are asked to sign up for an event or newsletter. Sometimes the Click Funnel is just a way to get more business information. But most often, it’s an engineering tool used by those who’re building a more personalized experience for their customers.

Content Marketing 

The process of creating content for a website or blog that attracts visitors is content marketing. The goal is to attract visitors who will see your goods or services, and be interested enough in pursuing them to make a purchase. Visitors come to a site for a reason, and they expect to leave with something they find useful or interesting. Visiting a company’s website also gives companies a chance to market themselves to potential customers.

Call to Action 

A call to action is a kind of message that’s always clearly presented in a manner that makes the reader want to do something. Examples include: “Buy Now” or “Take Me Now.” These kinds of calls to action can be found on product pages and page after page of emails. Many B2B marketing emails have action buttons at the top.

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Directory Marketing 

Directories or directory marketing is a sales technique where you market your business through a large group of websites or directories. Many business owners believe that just about anyone can find them online now, so they don’t spend time looking for attention. But this is often not true. When you put effort into building up a strong reputation online, people will seek you out and help you when it’s needed most.

Display Ads 

Display ads are everywhere on the internet. They’re in the press releases, on web pages, and in videos. Most people have come to accept them as part of life – at least until they hear about the terrible things that companies do with their customers’ data. These Display Ads are called third-party cookies or click trackers and vary slightly in size and function depending on which website you’re visiting. The Display Ad can be either an image or a link which when Link clicked on will open up a new tab or window with the advertiser’s product.

Domain Authority 

Domain Authority is a measurement of a website’s perceived authority in a search engine query. It is measured primarily by a site’s Alexa Global Traffic Rank (GLR), which is a weighted average of real-time traffic data from Alexa servers for the previous three months. A very high Domain Authority can indicate to search engines that a website is well-optimized for search traffic, and thus potentially a school of hard work has been invested into that domain name, product, etc.

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Email Ads 

Email ads are a superb tactic to be aware of in your arsenal, mainly because they work. Their ability to cut through the noise makes them especially valuable, not only for the advertising marketer but for the consumer too. That’s why email ads are relatively cheap, effective, and easy to develop.

Enterprise Resource Planning 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business system that integrates and coordinates business processes and related technology to provide an integrated view of the entire operation. In other words, ERP is about managing the entirety of a business, from various departments and functions across a company to one streamlined program.


Some people would describe Facebook as the world’s biggest computer network. It’s part of social media, along with Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.


Geo-targeting is a tactic used by marketing managers in every type of business, whether it’s retail, advertising, or financial. It involves placing advertisements in magazines, directories, and other publications which focus on a specific population. By providing them with specific information as to where they can find products and services of interest to their target audience, the manager can create an effective means of attracting new customers into visiting their place of business.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics enables you to track the performance of your website in real-time and gives your insight into which keywords your visitors are interacting with most, as well as the pages that bring them in. This invaluable tool can save you money by helping you identify conversion opportunities and track conversion rates for each step of your sales process.

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Heat Map 

The Heat Map chart helps you see which data points are hot and which data points are cold. Use it to identify ideas that others might benefit from, or distract you from thinking about something completely different. The chart is based on thousands of data points from users who have posted their ideas on 

Hoot suite 

It’s a powerful social media tool. It helps its users to manage frequently used profiles, follow people and services they care about and connect with other professionals. Not only can Hootsuite help propel your business to new frontiers, but it can also do so with absolute efficiency and efficiency, acumen and insight, simplicity and power.

Internal Linking 

Internal Linking is a process that allows you to point your readers to another website. There are several benefits to this, one being that it allows the author of the blog to grow its audience. When someone links to your blog, it helps the search engines see that person as an authority. This means that even if your content isn’t ranked on page one, people will still see it and be more likely to follow you upon visiting another website that has something great to say.


Instagram is a platform that allows businesses and users to create, share and explore photos connected in some way. Businesses can add captions to their photos, in addition to photos that just have text. Users can interact with the photos by voting or following other people’s posts.

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Keyword or Key Phrase 

Keyword or Key Phrase is similar to a salutation in writing. It varies depending on the sophistication of the target audience. When used appropriately, it can help you draw readers into your blog. Keyword Phrases can be used in a post to quickly identify the topics that are of interest to that audience. Each person is different and their own Keyword phrase may vary slightly from another’s.


LinkedIn is an excellent source of employment information for both current employees and former employees. Use it to learn about industry thought leaders and current events; use it to network with companies and leaders you might not have met otherwise; use it to network with current and former employees. But most importantly, use it to look for worthwhile career opportunities.

Lookalike Audience 

Lookalike audiences are audiences that are similar in age, gender, geographic location, or other personal factors. Audiences can be created dynamically based on available data in your database as well as audience characteristics extracted from other sources. They allow you to target your campaigns with relative ease and improve conversion rates both in the short term and long.

Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation is the ability to track, analyze, and act on the behavior of website visitors. Automated marketing can help you drive more sales by targeting prospects who are already interested in your products or services. It reduces the time it takes to develop creative solutions to target those prospective customers. You can identify closing sales opportunities before they even decide to buy something from you. Marketing automation is expensive but you don’t have to be a genius to use it.

Multi-channel Marketing 

Multi-channel marketing is a broad term, and basically covers every type of marketing that involves multiple channels of communication (e.g., television/movies, radio, print media, etc.). Essentially anything that involves a combination of traditional mass advertising techniques (e.g., print ads, billboards, bus stops) with more indirect forms of communication (e.g., word-of-mouth advertising, social media).

No Follow 

No follow links are links that have the rel=”nofollow” attribute attached to them. By using these links, you are essentially telling Google that you do not wish to receive credit for the link. All these links are no-follow for SEO purposes, but there are many other applications of nofollow links.

Omni-Channel Marketing 

Omni-channel marketing, in brief, is a type of brand marketing in which an entire company or organization is organized around a single customer. Sales reps, customer support, store operations, GO Officer, Warehouse personnel, and even employees themselves may be Omni-Channels; therefore, all company policies, procedures, and expectations must be tailored toward this single customer base.

Organic Posts vs. Paid Posts 

There’s a big difference between “”””paid posts”””” and “”””organic posts”””. Paid posts are what you’re used to seeing on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, where brands pay to promote products or services. Organic posts, on the other hand, are posts that appear within a website’s content marketing algorithm – that’s the set of rules Google uses to determine what appears on your site and how its search engine rankings will shake out.

Page Speed 

Page speed is one of the most important factors in determining how quickly your web content appears on your customers’ devices. The faster that content loads, the faster you can respond to their requests, providing them with useful information or prompt them through an action you want them to take (like purchasing a product). In addition, when someone views content on a site that is slow, they are more likely to leave that site and go find something else that is faster.

Position Tracking 

Position tracking is the ability to effectively work with suppliers, clients and teams to keep informed of changes within your business. In an increasingly tight job market, knowing your current position in the market is a competitive advantage.

Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic Advertising is the process of creating ad campaigns that are bought and sold by advertisers using automated bidding (buying) and sold to buyers either directly or indirectly through a third-party platform.  Programmatic advertising involves purchasing ad space on websites and online portals with programmatic exchanges like Google AdSense. The platform you choose will have its own bidding strategies, ad formats, technical capabilities, and privacy policies.


At the end of the day, it’s all about creating long-term, sustainable growth for yourself and your team. It doesn’t matter if you are a C-level executive at a startup or just a grunt who works nights and weekends, reach is about working hard to achieve more than you thought possible. So, reach is a process, not an event.

Retargeting Ads 

Retargeting Ads are a great way to use advertising networks to get people who are just a click away from buying something. You could target those who have just clicked on a link or video on your website and advertising them with a product they might like. This could also be done with email lists or social media followers. Most internet businesses rely on advertising networks for a majority of their income and with good reason- they are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your products and services online.

Schema Markup 

Schema markup is a way to leverage the power of a structured data model. For something like a recipe, there will be a bunch of ingredients and a bunch of steps. You may need to know how many calories there are in a serving of spinach, or how many grams of fat in a serving of mushrooms, or how much protein in a serving of milk. You can represent these things as numbers in a data model. You could also represent each of these elements as a separate key-value pair, and then use schema markup to tell Dropbox how to recognize which key-value pair corresponds to which element in the model.


Segmenting is a valuable skill for digital marketers because it gives you a better chance at finding what you’re looking for. Rather than searching for a specific audience on Facebook or Google, you can narrow down your search by demographic, location and activity. This allows for more personalized content and a better chance at conversions.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of promoting your website or blog in search engines like Google and Bing so that people can find and read about your content. Essentially, SEO lowers the bounce rate or the amount of time it takes to get a new visitor to your site. The lower the bounce rate, the more likely it is that someone will commit to reading your blog post or buying your product or service. When people go to a website with a high search engine optimization score, they have a better chance of being sold.

Social Boost vs. Social Ad

Social Boost gives you an amount of currency, also known as likes, which you can exchange for goods or services. Social Ad gives you traffic, which you can pay for with advertising dollars. Both boost your numbers in certain ways but they boost them in different ways which means they can be used for different purposes.

Social Media Ads 

Social Media Ads will guide you from zero tech skills to creating social media ads in 25 minutes. It is a short ebook containing all the information you need to create your first social media ad on your own using no tech skills.


TikTok is a mobile app for iOS and Android created by the Chinese company ByteDance. Its followers are in millions.


Twitter is the fastest way to share what’s happening with your friends, family, or people you may never have even met. You can use Twitter to follow your favorite celebrities, politicians, companies, athletes to get real-time personal updates from them.

Traffic Sources 

Traffic Sources is a blog about the lively world of Search Engine optimization. If you want more traffic for your website, it’s written for you. Whether you are a blogger who seeks to leverage search engine optimization, or simply an internet user seeking to grow your “Google footprint”, Traffic Sources is the place to be.

UTM Tracking 

UTM tracking is a type of URL tagging which you use to measure specific details about the visitors who are visiting your website. Therefore, UTM parameters are key when it comes to optimizing your pages in Google Analytics.

User Interface 

The user interface (UI) design helps you attract more audiences to use your product. It is the part of your project that makes your audience want to go back. They would like to get easy manipulation. They would like to get it without time-consuming. UI is the size of the cake, not the ingredients inside it. Using cookies, email popups can bring you a high conversion rate, but it doesn’t mean good UI design. UI design is the key point that helps you grab more audience and grab the attention of customers.


WordPress is the most powerful website builder out there for building your website, blog, or portfolio. You can easily create different pages on your blog with the ability to create designated areas where people can leave comments.


Working on the weekend is one of the best ways to break free from your routine and be productive. If you find yourself working on Friday and Saturday then you should schedule that time off so you can get some serious unplugging done on Sunday. Sunday is likely to be a slower day for you than usual because it is one of the higher working days of the week. Working on the weekend gives you a chance to recharge your battery and gets your heart pumping again instead of shaving hours off your week.


Yoast will rate your website based on factors including domain authority, internal links, and text metrics. This tool saves you valuable time browsing through forums while providing instant, live rankings for each page on your website. Once installed, the first time you start using Yoast SEO you will be presented with a free tier that allows you to evaluate the plugin’s functionality.

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