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The best free screen recorders 2021: free software to capture all the action

Free screen recorders have progressed significantly lately. There are currently some fantastic instruments accessible that can catch all occurring on your screen-free and with no baffling constraints. 

OBS Studio 

OBS Studio is the best free screen recorder for you. Dissimilar to the gigantically famous FRAPS (which allows you to record for 30 seconds at a stretch except if you’ve purchased a permit and apply a watermark to the subsequent film), OBS Studio is open source and allowed to use without limitations. 

OBS Studio upholds both streaming and recording in top-notch, without limitations on the number or length of your manifestations. You can transfer live to Twitch or YouTube gaming, save ventures, return to them later, or encode your recording in FLV organization and save it locally. 

Since OBS Studio can record straightforwardly from your illustrations card, it’s ready to catch games running in full-screen mode (numerous other screen recorders can record if the game is windowed), with adaptable hotkeys to control the account. OBS Studio can likewise utilize multi-center CPUs for improved execution and record at 60FPS (or significantly higher).  It may take a short time to set it up precisely how you need it, yet OBS Studio is by a wide margin the best and most impressive screen recorder for gamers. 

FlashBack Express 

OBS Studio is our #1 free screen recorder, yet Flashback Express comes an incredibly close second. Notwithstanding being a free form of a paid program, FlashBack Express will not put monstrous watermarks throughout your accounts or force-time cutoff points, and it’s loaded with highlights and apparatuses that rival numerous superior projects. Its interface is less scary than OBS Studio, so if you’ve never utilized a screen recorder, it’s a brilliant decision. 

You can record from your entire screen, a window, a chose territory, or a webcam. Whenever you’ve completed, your chronicle will show up in a straightforward editorial manager, where you can edit and manage it to suit your necessities. At that point, send out it to YouTube, an FTP worker, or your PC. 

It requires a moment to jump into Flashback’s high-level choices, and you’ll discover an abundance of nicely planned settings that will make your work area chronicles look proficient. The recorder can naturally darken passwords entered on screen, supplant your senseless backdrop with a plain one, conceal chaotic work area symbols, and feature your mouse pointer to make it simpler to follow. Additionally, there’s a committed gaming mode that allows you to characterize the number of casings recorded each second. 

There’s no restriction on the length of your accounts except if you decide to set one, which can be valuable if there’s a possibility you may unintentionally leave the recorder running. You can likewise choose to split long chronicles up into lumps – an exquisite touch that assists you with trying not to make tremendous, inconvenient documents. The same token will not watermark your chronicles. 

Following a new update, Flashback Express can send out in WMV, AVI, and MP4 designs, dispensing with a different video converter requirement. It no longer requires a free permit key for enactment – introduce the product, and you’re prepared to begin recording.  Engineer Blueberry Software has additionally delivered a free screen recorder planned explicitly for games – FBX. This recorder catches HD in-game film, with equipment speed increase for AMD and Nvidia cards and Intel CPUs. 


If you need to record an introduction, programming exhibition, or instructional exercise then Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best option for you. This program-based instrument may not be appropriate for games. It is the best free screen recorder for some other errands. 

You’ll at that point be given a control bar loaded with a more significant number of choices than you’ll discover in most work area screen recording programming. You can catch the film from your work area or a webcam and record sound from your PC, receiver, both or not one or the other. 

You can record the entire screen, select a territory physically or pick one of the preset goals – ideal if you’re registering a clip for YouTube, for instance, and don’t want to utilize a different video manager to resize it later. 

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder additionally offers adjustable console alternate routes for speed and accommodation. You can pick whether to remember the chronicle’s cursor and take your pick from a scope of yield designs, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and some more. You can even add explanations during the account. 

Note that the ‘Download work area rendition’ button connects to a program called Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This is a preliminary rendition of a top-notch application and is more restricted than Online Screen Recorder. 

Debut Video Capture 

Debut Video Capture is another expansion to our gathering of free screen recorders. Even though its somewhat dated plan offers it few courtesies, it’s a very fantastic system that can do substantially more than catch what’s going on your PC screen. 

Notwithstanding fundamental screen recording (with no time cutoff points or watermarks), Debut Video Capture can record film from outer gadgets, including webcams and surveillance cameras. It can even record on a standard timetable, which implies it can turn into a home security framework’s primary center. Not very ratty for a program that is thoroughly free for individual use. 

There are no after-creation altering instruments, yet you can apply channels and add your inscriptions and watermarks before recording. There’s no alternative for trading recordings straightforwardly to YouTube or Facebook. However, they can be saved in every principle design, including MP4, MOV, and AVI (to name only three). Introduction Video Capture is right now in open beta, so we anticipate seeing the last delivery variant with a lick of additional clean soon. 


ShareX is an open-source application for catching actual screen gets and recording recordings. There are no watermarks or time cutoff points to stress over. However, the interface isn’t the most instinctive on the planet, so you’ll be best off utilizing accessible console routes. For speedy reference, you can begin an account by tapping Shift + Print Screen and stop it again using Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen. 

Likewise, you can utilize this free screen recorder to save your catch as a GIF instead of a video document, which can be incredibly valuable for sharing on discussions and web-based media.  Not exclusively is ShareX among the best free screen recorders, yet it can likewise catch a whole looking over site page, catch and distinguish text using OCR, and even catch your screen as per a timetable. 

Another of its best highlights is the capacity to send your caught gets and recordings directly to a document sharing or web-based media website. There’s an immense range of alternatives, which you can look at on the venture’s site.  Tragically, ShareX doesn’t uphold taking screen gets or chronicles from games running in full-screen mode. Other than that, it’s a brilliant screen recorder that will serve you incredibly well. 


Screencast-O-Matic is another program-based free screen recorder and an entirely skilled one at that. Accounts are restricted to 15 minutes long. However, you can record however many clasps as you like, zoom while recording, trim your recorded clasps, add subtitles, save them to your work area, YouTube, or the cloud, share a video connection, or add one of 30 sovereignty free music tracks. 

Hit ‘Begin recording free of charge,’ trailed by ‘Dispatch free recorder.’ Likewise, with Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder, you’ll be provoked to download and introduce a little web launcher, after which the screen recorder will dispatch. Set up your screen and change the chronicle window’s size to suit your necessities (it can record the entire screen or simply a chosen region). At that point, hit the red catch. You can catch sound from your PC or a receiver, record film from your screen, a webcam, or both. 

Moving up to a Deluxe record gives you additional highlights, including scripted accounts, drawing and explanations, a video proofreader, and (maybe most conveniently) the capacity to create subtitles consequently with text-to-discourse. That is a fantastic arrangement of devices for $1.65 (about £1, AU$2.50) each month. However, the free form of Screencast-O-Matic has a great deal to bring to the table also. 

The only genuine disadvantage is that your accounts will be watermarked except if you redesign, however assuming that is not an issue, this free screen recorder is undoubtedly worth looking at.


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