Tech Career Pivot Where the jobs Are

Tech Career Pivot: Where the Jobs Are (and Aren’t)

COVID-19 has affected every industry, even the Information Technology industry, which has led to job demand hovering at the top in median wages. If you fear that you will lose your job now or soon, then the best idea here is a career pivot into another tech-related job. 

Research before Selecting a Job

Before you leap into a job, you must know that some of the jobs which used to be popular are now declining in demand. For example, software developers’ hiring has reduced to 22%, Network Architects to 24%, and systems software engineers have decreased to 43%. At this stage, an ideal way of making a career pivot is to determine the skills you will be required to start your next job. Making a career pivot is all about proper planning and ROI. One crucial step in creating a career pivot is determining how you will get a career pivot and how much it will cost you in time and money. Although these are the periods of a pandemic, some experts believe that the number of IT jobs will get doubled in the next ten years. 

Some of the famous and in-demand jobs for the people who are already working in the tech industry are:

  • Cloud infrastructure and the skills related to this job include AWS, MS Azure, and GCP
  • Data science and skills related to data science include the NoSQL platform, statistical programming.

Artificial Intelligence or also known as Machine Learning. The skills related to it are Python, open-source ML libraries such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc.

  • DevOps and some specific skills required for DevOps are Kubernetes, Jenkins, Security, Cloud.
  • Agile and skills needed are Product Owner, Scrum Master.
  • Cybersecurity and the skills needed include Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Red Team/Blue Team, pen Testing.

Acquire New Skills

Whether you have lost your current job or are looking for a new one, then you must take advantage of this pandemic and invest in yourself by learning and acquiring new skills. You can easily find an online course which may help you in developing some new skills. Acquiring new skills will help you get a better job. 

An Additional Tip

One bonus tip for you guys here is that you can easily break through masses of people applying for tech-related jobs using sites like Angel. co rather than sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter.

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