Instagram cracks down on adults messaging teens

Instagram cracks down on adults messaging teens

Instagram has decided to add safety measures designed for protecting teenagers from unwanted direct messages from adults.

Adult users will be allowed to message that teenager who follows them only privately. The messages will be overlaid with a notice that will remind the teenagers that they don’t have to respond to anything they feel uncomfortable with. This measure will only work if the accounts have the correct ages of users, which young people sometimes lie to avoid the restrictions on what they can see. 

Similarly, the predator may pretend to be younger than they are. Instagram says that they will develop a new artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to tackle age verification, especially in cases where account holders are not honest. 

Private Account

To be an Instagram account holder, one’s minimum age should be 13 years. Instagram says that they offered the young account holders an option for making their accounts private when they create them. Likewise, suppose the teen does not select private while signing up. In that case, Instagram sends a notification highlighting the benefits of a private account and reminds them to check their settings. 

Their rival TikTok announced in January that 

  • “the accounts of under-16s would be made private by default. 
  • 13 – 15-year-olds will be able to approve friends for comments and choose whether they want to make their videos public or not. “

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