How to Write a Compelling Marketing Email

How to Write a Compelling Marketing Emails

Email Marketing is a very profitable and efficient method of promoting a product, service, or information. It conveys the special benefits of what you offer, how it will benefit the reader, any deadlines for purchasing. To have your email read, it needs to be compelling. A compelling marketing email will not only get more views but has a higher chance of being noticed by search engines. Marketing emails can either boost your business or affect it negatively. It all depends on the quality of the content and whether you get a positive reaction from your customers. 

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Tips to Write a Compelling Marketing Emails

Begin with the Subject Line

Some people think they can write a great subject line after writing the rest of their email…but you’re better off writing your subject line first. Before you even begin to write the email, spend time thinking about a succinct and interesting subject line.

Personalization of Email

Personalization in email is so important. It is almost impossible to write to a mass audience without writing the same message over again. Instead, personalize your email for each person, and you’ll see a noticeable increase in your click-through rates.

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Clarity over Catchiness 

Catchiness is good, but clarity is better. In virtually all human communication, you have to be aware that the person receiving your message is not you. That means when you’re communicating, you need to recognize that most of the time people haven’t been exposed to the concepts that you’ve already mastered; they don’t grow things as quickly and clearly as you do, and they don’t see the world as clearly as you do.

Email Relevance to Audience 

An email is a direct way of connecting with potential clients, vendors, freelancers, or employees. People delete an email without opening it if they realize that your message does not pertain to them. This can be because the email could be a form of spam or because the sender’s name isn’t showing you who it’s from.

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Write Your Email in Second Person 

The second person is the person your reader becomes when reading your email. This means that you are identifying with your customer, and showing empathy to them as they go through their journey. The fundamental thing to remember when trying to write in the second person is that you need to think about the reader as you are writing. This means thinking about what is important for them, how they feel about what they are waiting for, and most importantly: what will they gain from reading this email.

It’s all about the Benefit

Marketing email templates improve the quality of your business by helping you get more sales, more leads, and more customers. The best email templates include things like proper formatting, neat emails with a good call to action, and text that appeals to the audience. Most of the time, standard customer email templates resemble each other and fail to differentiate from competitors. This makes it nearly impossible for you to stand out among others who are willing to do anything to win over new customers.

Keep the Email Short 

Keep it short. Keep it sweet is a credo of blog post writing that encourages bloggers not to create content that is only long, and boring, but most importantly, doesn’t read well. The content should be straight to the point, without any complicated or unnecessary wording.

Sense of Humor in Email 

Humor is very desirable but it is not easy to achieve. It is hard to write a really funny email, and even harder to come up with something that will crack your readers up every time. Nevertheless, humor breaks the ice and makes things easier for you. If you can get your readers laughing about something, they are already more at ease with your writing and are more likely to accept what else you say in good faith. Humor softens defenses and helps you reach your audience on another level too.

Use Language that Encourages Action 

The best way to convince people to follow you is to use language that encourages action. Action is what gets people to listen and gives them motivation. Action can be as simple as sharing a step-by-step guide or giving away free products. But sometimes it can also be more involved. For example, if you share a newsletter with the subject line “Insights from an Online Trainer”, people will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter than if you wrote instead.


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