Dedicated Server

How to set up a Dedicated Server: The Ultimate Guide

When you use the shared hosting it does not provide access to roots but when you use a dedicated server it helps you to host your website. This means you can’t do things like change the operating system or run software like WordPress. With a dedicated server, your website is always guaranteed to be up and running (assuming you pay for the right level of hosting package). You also don’t have to worry about other people using resources from your hosting package because they will have their dedicated resources as well. A lot of hosting providers give you an assortment of tools, including custom VPN access so you can remotely edit files on your server.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a private server that you rent as opposed to a “shared hosting” account that thousands of other hosts on at the same time. Shared hosting is essentially renting out space on one big shared server with many different accounts on it. While this option makes it very affordable for hosting, it’s not ideal for \high- traffic sites as sites appearing next to yours can slow down processing speeds and even cause downtime. A dedicated server allows you to pick the location of your server (same or different state), monthly power usage, monthly data transfer (in Gigabytes), OS (operating system), and server software (most likely Linux).

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Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

Managed and unmanaged hosting is two different things. When you have managed to host you are renting an actual server from a company that will provide you the resources that go on this server for the various projects. On the other hand, with unmanaged hosting, you are not renting a server but you can use some of its resources.

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Some Thoughts before Setup

To enhance reader engagement and for you to be comfortable with reading the content, you should be familiarized with its visual setup before going in.

  • Choose a Processor

Choose a processor that enables you to search, compare and pay your utility and streaming accounts using one simple checkout platform. The payments are saved in one convenient location so you can spend less time managing your multiple bills and more time enjoying the many services that each provides.

  • Choose Back Up Quota and Security Service

Choosing a backup quota and security services provider to protect business-critical data is a multifaceted task dependent on the type of organization, size, regulatory compliance requirements as well as other internal or external considerations such as culture, budget, and administration.

  • Choose the Operating System and Control Panel

There are many choices to make when you’re creating a new website, including what to use as the operating system (OS) and what type of control panel you should install. WordPress is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) that uses MySQL as its database, PHP to power the scripts, and HTML for the presentation layer. WordPress supports each of these operating systems so it doesn’t matter which one you decide to go with because you can always install WordPress on it.

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Decide on RAM, Storage, and Other Options:

When purchasing a new computer decide on RAM, Storage, and other options; 

  • RAM

RAM itself shares the idea of cache. The idea here is that when something is loaded into RAM, it will be accessed much faster than loading something from the hard drive. So the longer a program runs or an app is used, the more of its running processes and files get placed into RAM to speed up future loads.

  • Storage

There are four main types of storage; mechanical, chemical, electrical, and a newer type of memory called optical. Mechanical is where you have spinning disks that require power to run. Chemical is where you have magnetic strips and tape that tend to need lab conditions to work. Optical simply needs the light source to work. Electrical storage uses outdated forms of memory (they’re not used anymore), or new forms of memory like RAM and flash drives. Electrical storage doesn’t necessarily have moving parts but it still requires power all the same to operate.

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Other Options for Dedicated Server:

There are many other options through which we can set up a dedicated server, i.e. Server chassis, Server secure suite options, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack Protection, and Bandwidth.

  • Consider add-ons:

Add-ons have given us the ability to pick up a tool and build a website with it. Now we don’t need to use the entire toolkit, but only what we require. WordPress is no different; it’s highly extensible. And when I say extensible, I mean you can add new features, via plugins, on top of core functionality. In that regard, I think WordPress is more loaded with features than any single application out there; and this is true for all the major CMS tools.

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