Chatbot vs Virtual Agent What’s The Difference

Chatbot vs Virtual Agent: What’s The Difference?

A chatbot is a program that can simulate a real conversation with a customer to sell them something. A virtual agent is a person that exists entirely online and can answer customer questions on behalf of the company, but they are not actually in the office providing service. The biggest difference between a chatbot and a virtual agent is terminology. A chatbot is run by a company and is designed to talk specifically to people like you. A virtual agent, on the other hand, is not owned or operated by a company and is solely used by consumers as a way to interact with businesses.

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What is a Chatbot? 

Chatbots are software applications that are designed to interact with customers and post relevant content based on the customer’s interests. Some examples of catboats include Amazon’s Mechanical Turk workforce (which can complete tasks for customers), Lyft’s phone service (which provides passengers with information about nearby places they can meet people), Zendesk’s customer service (which provides users with analysis tools), and Salesforce’s automatic customer service system (which provides automated responses to customer inquiries).

What is a Virtual Agent? 

A virtual agent (VA) is an individual or business that uses technology to create websites, packages, and other marketing solutions. They have not contracted workers like website designers and copywriters. A VA will not have employees, so they are not eligible for traditional retirement plans and health care provided by your employer. The VA will be selling products online to customers who utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Since there is no part of their business located in the US or Mexico, they can sell products without paying sales tax. A virtual agent also can choose to be paid under the table for work that may not necessarily be considered real work for legal reasons.

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Benefits of Chatbot and Virtual Agent 

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (VAs) have been an integral part of digital marketing for many years. Not only do they help drive traffic and conversions for some of the largest eCommerce businesses in the world, but they can also be used by anyone with a cryptocurrency account to purchase things from Amazon or Gift cards. Chatbots can process a large amount of data with very little human involvement, which makes them ideal for tasks such as answering customer support queries or scheduling mailings. They can be customized in numerous ways to handle different tasks depending on the needs of different businesses or business owners, so there’s no concern like when one user needs more personalized help versus another when it comes to orders or merchandise buying or shipping.

Getting Started with Chatbots and Virtual Agents 

Chatbots are available for virtually every service and industry. Chatbots enable companies to engage with customers in new ways, increasing their conversion rates and increasing their customer loyalty. Chatbots can be used to send out messages when someone connects with a company online or to request information or tasks from customers who are already customers. Virtual agents are helping with compliance, customer support, and audit work. You can use them to manage customer accounts or manage your brand through automation.

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