Best Website Ideas to Launch an Online Side Business in 2021

Best Website Ideas to Launch an Online Side Business in 2021

Are you looking for some website ideas for launching your side business? You may find several opportunities online with profitable website ideas to convert into a sustainable side income. In this article, we have written some of the best website ideas for launching. 

Requirements for Putting Website Ideas into Action

It is a common myth that you require a programmer or a tech professional to start a website. This was true in the 90s, but today you don’t need any special skills for building a website. Here is what is required for making a website:

  • A domain name
  • Web hosting account
  • Website builder

Here is a list of some website ideas that you can launch.

Begin a Personal Website or Blog

Blogs were and still are the best website. Different entrepreneurs such as Darren Rowse, John Lee Dumas, and Pat Flynn began as bloggers, and now they are earning six-figure incomes. You can launch a blog very quickly, and best of all, it can be on any topic. The benefit of creating a blog is that you can use it to launch other website ideas in the future. There are hundreds of monetization options that can make blogging a profitable website idea. 

Create an Online Store

Another popular website idea is to create an e-commerce store. Many people believe that building an online store is technical, but it is not true.  You can start selling things online using WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that runs on top of WordPress. It is user-friendly and allows you to sell any product that requires shipping. 

Create a Membership Website

Another website idea that is getting too much popularity nowadays is to create a membership-based website. You can also restrict access to some content on your website available which may be available to paid members. This content can be an online course, audio content, video content, members-only forums, or anything else. You can do this easily by using MemberPress. It is a WordPress membership plugin that allows you to create subscriptions, restrict access, and sell membership plans on your website.

Create and Sell Online Courses

Another popular website idea that is growing rapidly is to create and sell online courses. This growing website niche is powered by the modern gig economy where people require to learn new skills for finding new jobs, improving existing skillsets, or learning something new for a hobby. You can use MemberPress, the WordPress LMS plugin, for creating and selling online courses on your website. 

Build a Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is a growing website idea that you can launch without needing much investment. Dropshipping store is an online store that allows you to sell products, but they are shipped directly by the seller. This saves you from the hassle to manage and store items, keep up the inventory, and ship things. You can quickly sell a variety of products.

Start an Affiliate Website

Another popular website idea is to begin an affiliate website. Affiliate marketing is defined as a referral arrangement where an online retailer pays you a commission when the users purchase the product using your referral link. This is an enormous industry where you can make up a niche affiliate website and start building it.

Start a Fashion Blog

Fashion and lifestyle are also mentioned as the most profitable website idea having great potential. Many fashion bloggers and influencers are earning a six-figure income.  You can easily earn money from affiliate marketing, Instagram partnerships, etc. Using WordPress, you can also add the tools you require for making your product grow. 

Launch a Travel Website

Another popular website idea for you is to launch a travel website. This website can be implemented quickly. You can become a marketer who promotes various tourist destinations, vloggers, or travelers. You can earn money through travel partnerships, display ads, and more. You can also become a travel blogger and use your travel blogs for launching various new products and make a good amount of passive income. 

Begin a Food / Recipes Website

Starting a food and recipe website is also one of the popular website ideas. You have to start a blog or website, start sharing recipes and discuss food, health, and other similar topics. Almost all recipe websites make money from ads, affiliate marketing, and by selling membership subscriptions. 

Start a Podcast website.

Podcasting is also said to be the best website idea that you can begin. It is a fast-growing niche having a variety of monetization options. A podcast comprises an episodic series of audio files that the users download, listen to, and subscribe to. Many podcasters earn from sponsorships, ads, selling products, etc. 

Start a Job Search Website

Creating a job hunt website is also a popular website idea that you can launch. The best thing about this website idea is that monetization here is easy and you can earn based on user-generated content. On a job hunt website, companies post job listings, which helps the users browse and search for jobs. Different WordPress plugins allow you to build a job search engine with ease. It also allows you to accept online payments from employers. 

Create a Coupon Website

A coupon website helps the users to look for coupons and deals for their favorite products. It helps to connect the businesses with customers and provides them with the tools to search for deals and discounts. You can monetize it using partnerships, display ads, and affiliate links. You can also automate your website and allow the businesses to submit the deals directly. 

Build an Online Marketplace

Almost every successful marketer prefers to use ideas that include user-generated content for making money. Creating an online marketplace is an idea that can be easily replicated. An online marketplace website is a place where you provide an e-commerce platform for others to sell their products. You will receive a cut on each transaction made on your website. 

Start a Restaurant Website

Creating a restaurant website is an excellent idea for people in the restaurant and food industry. Creating a restaurant website allows you to accept table bookings and accept online food delivery orders. Using WordPress, you can use the tools such as WPForms for accepting bookings and food delivery instructions. Moreover, you can also access several technologically customized restaurant templates and customize them. With the help of a restaurant website, you can promote your business and strengthen its image.

Create a Reviews Website

Almost every user looks for online reviews before making any buying decision. Thus creating a reviews website is the best website idea you can launch. The reviews website is based on user-generated and original content. You can earn from display ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, etc. 

Create a Photo Website

Another exciting website idea is to build a photography website. This can be a blog on photography, or a place to showcase, or a place for selling your photos. You can create a marketplace similar to Shutterstock, where users can purchase or sell illustrations, photographs, and other graphic items. 

Launch Portfolio Website

Creating a portfolio website is also a great idea. Whether you are an artist, photographer, artist, or videographer, a portfolio website helps you showcase your work and discover new opportunities. However, it is not a must to be an artist for creating a portfolio website. If you are a professional, like a writer, web designer, engineer, fashion model, etc., you can still create a portfolio website. 

Start a website for online food delivery.

An online food delivery business has grown rapidly after the entry of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a profitable website idea but requires a small account of investment. You can look for local restaurants and create a website that shows these restaurants and allows them to order food online. You can process the order by forwarding it to the restaurant and deliver the food. WPForms can be used for collecting food delivery orders. After submitting the form, you can display the users a page that shows the estimated delivery time and phone number of the restaurant. 

Selling Handicrafts Online 

Are you looking to sell your homemade items online? Well, doing this is easy and can be the start of a successful business idea. You can use WooCommerce to start your online store. Setting up an online handicrafts store is easy. A compared to other platforms, WooCommerce will not cut out every transaction you make.

Starting a Pets Store / Community 

Starting an online pet store is an easy yet popular website idea. The Pet industry is a vast industry where you can easily find untapped niche ideas for catering customers. WooCommerce allows you to sell anything in your pet store. Likewise, you can use MemberPress for creating a members-only community that generates a handsome amount of revenue for your business.

Start a News Website 

If you prefer current affairs and politics, you can create a news website, one of the profitable website ideas. You can begin a news website and monetize it by using display ads and selling membership subscriptions. Several traditional newspapers have already put their content behind paywalls and are monetizing. You can invite guest authors, begin a podcast, and sell merchandise for doing a sustainable business.


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