Best To-Do list Apps 2021

Best To-Do List Apps 2021

Productivity starts with a to-do list. This is the initial stage towards organizing and getting your work done. To-do lists apps are basically a collection of tasks and sub-tasks, but they can be much more than that. To-do lists can explain the task, prioritize it, and more.

Using a TO-do list software keeps you focused on what has to be done and limit distractions so that the task is completed on time. To-do list apps take a scrap of paper that most of us jot our tasks down on and turn into a tool for working more efficiently.

What’s the best TO-DO list app? It’s up to you to decide. We have tested several best products, some more strong applications, and other free apps you can use on your phone, and come back with these conclusions.

Best To-do List Apps


The best online Project Management module can aid you to maintain and manage your planning, resource management, work dependency, and financial summary. you can easily manage work and focus on important tasks through this application. Platform – Android, Web, and IOS.

Key features 

  • Scheduling
  • Project Management 
  • Time tracking 
  • Task planning


  • Simple and free to use.
  • Increase the productivity of the teams.
  • Creating task and subtask
  • It provides a lot of tools to the user.


  • Not a user friendly
  • Some options are missing. 


This is the best app for project task management, with this app you can create, manage, organize, and schedule or reschedule a range of tasks. Platform – (Windows, Mac operating system, Android, iOS, Web)


  • Free for starters
  • $3: For Pro
  • $5: for teams


  • It presents a free version.
  • The most important advantage of this app is that it provides automatic backups.
  • Extensive project library
  • Easily share the workload 


  • It is not good at storing data.
  • Not best for the large task list

Tick Tick

It is a powerful task management app. Tick tick captures the thoughts of millions of people around the world, manages time, and keeps life moving. Whether you need to set your agenda, create memos, share task lists with team members, or share with your peers, Tick Tick always helps you get things done and make life better and organized. Supports- Android, Windows, macOS, iPad, Web.


  • Easy to create and organize tasks.
  • Real-time Collaboration 


  • Some features are not available on a free version like calendar, Gant charts

Microsoft To-Do 

Another free best application is named Microsoft To-Do. Created by the group behind Wunderlist this application comes with an easy-to-use interface. The application is cloud-based and coordinates with Office 365. There’s a great deal of adaptability inside the application and Outlook clients can utilize it to synchronize their tasks. Supports- all operating systems 

Key Features 

  • Data sync
  • Task priority
  • Easy to shared list and share ideas.


  • Sync Outlook
  • Coordination with office 365
  • Free to use
  • Several devices synchronization 


  • The recurring task management feature is missing


On the off chance that you are searching for an extremely easy-to-utilize app, Things is the perfect application for you. With this application, you can add tasks, sort out them, and can even make subtasks without cluttering the To-do list. The only disadvantage of the app is not to support Windows and Android apps. Platform – macOS, iPhone & Watch, iPad.

Key features 

  • One tap to-do work
  • Advanced search filters
  • Slim mode for the important task


  • Pie charts are provided to monitor the task
  • Calendar View
  • User friendly 


  • No time tracking option 


Do every day more consistently with OmniFocus best listing application. This application offers a 14-day free trial that is sufficient to know how the application functions. Utilizing this capably beneficial application, you can monitor everything. OmniFocus is incorporated with Apple gadgets, and it effectively creates each task and action. Supports- macOS & iOS


  • Calendar Integration
  • Location-based alerts
  • Free trial
  • Robust project management software


  • Simple to arrange task inside projects
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Best task management tool


  • Most expensive 
  • No supports for teams

Habitica App

Motivation is a must to achieve a goal and isn’t it amazing if we play a game for it? So, let’s replace the best working activity with the best app Habitica to turn it into exciting gameplay. As you complete your task and it automatically moves to a new level, the application updates your avatar and takes damage when you are not complete your task. Platform – Android, iPhone & iPad, Web


  • Task Reminder
  • Personalized Avatar 


  • Gave the motivation to complete the task
  • Interactive interface
  • Free to use


  • No time tracking Option

Google Task

Another task application to oversee is named Google Tasks. Incorporated with Gmail and Google this application functions admirably with all platforms. The tool allows you to list down tasks in the traditional manner. Its UI is basic and makes overseeing tasks simple. Suitable-for all Platforms 


  • Drag & Drop option to manage the task.
  • Integrate with Google apps
  • Simple UI
  • Free to use


  • No time monitoring feature is available. 


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