Best Time Tracking Software For Windows (2021)

Best Time Tracking Software for Windows (2021)

Effective Time Tracking increments both efficiency and responsibility. Utilizing the ideal time tracker software, you can undoubtedly understand how much time one should dedicate to finish specific tasks. It assists you to analyze what are the time-wasters and what is your working pattern. Along these lines, you can additionally improve your work process and kill likely interruptions.

Ways to track time on Windows. 

There are two ways to track time on Windows. The first and oldest school method, which involves writing your time in a spreadsheet and a word file. You create a note of your hours by looking at the clock every hour or so. This method may not work properly and can waste a lot of your time.

Another method to track time on Windows is to utilize the Time Tracking Software program. There are lots of tools and Time Tracking Software available in the marketplace that is used in larger time management systems and they are generally equipped with an extensive set of features to conserve time, money and improve general efficiency.

Key Features 

While reviewing the best time tracking tools, we consider the following factors that make the Time Tracker tool capable of increasing productivity.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Export data and Make invoices.
  • Reporting tools
  • Website and application tracking
  • Third-party integration 

Best Time Tracking Software


This Time Tracking Software is good for small teams and companies. This time tracking capability ensures that all members of your team can easily record and managers can always know which team member is working on whom. Compatible for these platforms: Windows & Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS & Web.

Key features

  • Integration with Asana, JIRA, and GitHub.
  • Monitor and track the activities of team members.
  • Issue invoices
  • The payment process is direct Via software.


  • Free: for individuals 
  • $7 per month: for teams

Toggle Track

Toggle Track is the best tracking tool to increase personal productivity and track the work of the whole team. Has been prepared. It offers lots of modifying options to coloring integrated projects, including sub-projects for better organization, and more. Compatibility with this platform: Windows, Mac, Androids iOS, Linux, and Web


  • Free: for up to five users
  • Basic: $9/Mo.billed yearly for beginners

Time Doctor

It is the best Time Tracking Tool which aids users to increase the whole productivity. When you start your task, you set the time duration on this app and it generates an alarm as a reminder.  Compatibility with these platforms: Windows & Mac, Linux &Android, iOS & Web

Key Features 

  • Offers a free trial.
  • Record time
  • Give access to users.
  • Supports chat monitoring.
  • Project management


  • Free trial: for 14 days
  • Basic: $7 per month


Automatic Time Tracking tool which is suitable for different operating systems Such as windows, Mac, Linux, and so on. The rescue has an important web block feature that permits clients to block unnecessary web pages because of distraction during the task and only focus on good productivity.  Compatible for these platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux., Android & Web

Key features

  • Specify productivity goals.
  • Automation
  • Shows summary details. 
  • Direct payment method Via PayPal
  • Ability to block distracting web pages. 


  • Lite version: free of cost
  • Pro version: $9 per month


WorkingHours is free best Time Tracking software and it needs to monitor hours of working, and activities nearby, it is an ultimate choice. It permits the user to start, stop or resume, pause the tracking software without even launching. Compatible for these platforms: Windows, Android.

Key Features 

  • Supports the voice-based command. 
  • Monitor work and activities.
  • It has a feature to export data via excel or CVS files.
  • Overlay window.


  • Free of cost


TimeCamp is a several-purpose off-line tracking software and aids users with real-time tracking, project time tracking, attendance tracking, and more. it can be simply integrated with over fifty-plus applications, including Trello, Asana, Evernote, Slack, Todoost, Calendar, and more. Compatible for these platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS & Web.

Key Feature

  • Goal tracking.
  • Offline activity monitoring.
  • Include Sub-task


  • Free for one person 
  • Basic Version-$7 per month


There is a great tracking program that helps keep track of time and costs. Equipped with bank-level security, Harvest proffers powerful reporting abilities to provide customers with described reports, receipts, and estimates. Compatible for these platforms: Windows and Mac, Android, iOS & Web.

Key Features

  • Expensive
  • Make invoices and send them through Email
  • Plan your task allocation
  • Provide detailed report


  • Free: for a single person 
  • Basic version: $9 per month (solo)



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