Best Online Collaboration Software In 2021

Best Online Collaboration Software In 2021

A list of the best online collaboration software is available that lets you do your work from remote locations. These tools can be used by any organization in any situation. The best advantage of using such apps is that it eliminates all the informal and manual tasks of reporting, feedback, and tracking project progress. through automation, each online session and activity is visible and is recorded for future reference.

Here are some key features you need in the online collaboration tool:

  • This application should be available on multi-platforms such as computers and cell phones.
  • The software should permit people to communicate with their team members as well as other colleagues in other departments.
  • It should include deadline information, task management, and other characteristics such as easy-to-use and easy-to-understand tutorials.

Best Online Collaboration Software


Podio is the best online collaboration tool. Its job is to gather all the information which is related to the job and project tasks on a single page, to smooth and stream sharing. You can use Podio to connect to third-party services, such as Dropbox, Google Meet, and Google Drive, like Evernote. This is the best method to get all your resources back on track.


  • Free for five employees
  • Basic: $7.20
  • Plus version:$11.20
  • Premium:$19.20

Key features 

  • Incorporation with the third-party software such as google drive 
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth collaboration with team members 


This application permits the client to associate all the online media accounts of your business under one interface and schedule posts early. The feature is vital for those who have adopted social media as the source of growth and users through online communities.

Key features 

    • Simple to use.
    • Maintain all your social media accounts from one place.
    • Real-time analytic report.


Ryver has an extensive alliance with services like MailChimp, Google Mail, Evernote, Box, and Dropbox. It gives the ultimate control over the rights of each member of the team to the person with management and administrative power. For example, a team member will only be able to see the aspects he or she is working on.


  • Starter: 49$ per month
  • Pro: 79$ per month
  • Enterprise:149$ per month

Key Features

  • Offers free trial
  • You can create a separate chat box for individual and groups
  • Expensive


Flock is a very popular online collaboration tool for organizing and handling teams around the world. It permits its users to share a screen with the team members and make audio or video calls.

Key Features 

  • it integrated with third-party apps such as Twitter and google drive. 
  • The free version of folk provides a five GB storage limit with the other five app integration.
  • Also offers different tools on a pro version.


Slack is an important online collaboration tool that helps to communicate with organizations and multiple teams across the world. you can create multiple channels related to your organization. This app is suitable for both mobile and desktop-based.

Key Features

  • Users can send a direct message to anyone for communication.
  • Also makes audio and video calls
  • Easy to use


Asana is great for groups that need to focus on projects. It allows you to map your project out as a Gant chart, then create a portfolio of steps, and monitor each member’s workload.

Key features

  • Monitor the workload 
  • Streamline processes
  • Manage the work requests
  • For version is available 


Trello is very simple to use and manage projects. It is free online collaboration software that is run as a web app on computers or and as a mobile app on smartphones.

Key features 

  • Allow managers to assign comments to members
  • Integrated with Google Drive, Github, and slack
  • Interactive Dashboard

Rocket.Chat is a customizable, scalable, and open-source online communication is created for team collaboration to share files, team members can use messages, channels end video calls, etc


  • Free basic version
  • Pro version:3USD per month

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is also included as an online collaboration tool the team members can edit on real-time basis documents from across the globe.


  • Common and easy to use
  • It supported multiple platforms such as windows, Mac, and iOS.
  • Affordable tool


  • Cost: $6.99 /month 


If you are looking for attractive online collaboration software then canva is for you. There are a lot of features to explore that can take a long period to complete. This tool is based on a browser and is the most famous creative tool available that lets you make infographics, ads, edit videos, and even social media posts.


  • Free: for beginners 
  • Pro: US$ 119.99 per year
  • Enterprise: US$ 30.00 per month for a person

Key Features 

  • A drag and drop interface to change several templates. 
  • Magically resize and organize your design. 
  • Real-time team collaboration 
  • Free to use.


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