Best free presentation software of 2021 alternatives to PowerPoint

Best free presentation software of 2021: alternatives to PowerPoint

If you have a mission to create a cool presentation and give an appealing presentation but don’t have the budget and time for following premium presentation tools. You are in the right spot. In this article, I am providing steps to install the best free presentation software on your PC/ laptop. This software will provide you rich features of premium tools at no cost.

The main roles of presentation software are to help users make their presentations, allow users to edit their presentations, and playback and show off presentations. This article presents a list of five great free presentation software in order to provide a comparison for presenters who are looking for that perfect software that fits both their needs and their budgets.



Prezi turns the conventional way to deal with introductions on its head. Rather than making many a slide, this introduction programming gives you a solitary goliath material. You can add squares of text or pictures or even make scaled-down slides. You can flawlessly fly around the material during your introduction and zoom in to see singular lumps of substance.

For how complex Prezi appears, it’s amazingly easy to utilize the stage. The lone significant uniqueness from Microsoft Powerpoint is that you need to add animated ways starting with one piece of the material then onto the next. The devices for this are genuinely direct, particularly on the off chance that you’ve at any point utilized liveliness or video altering programming. 

This sort of introduction structure isn’t generally ideal. Prezi makes it difficult to envision organized information like financials, making it hard to use in business applications. A few watchers likewise probably won’t see the value in the fly-around activity style natural to the introduction programming.



Canva is ideal for making quick introductions directly in your internet browser. This product offers a small bunch of free designs to assist you with kicking your slideshow off, and it’s not difficult to modify the layouts to meet your requirements. There is not a tremendous assortment of substance components to add to your introduction. However, Canva compensates for this with an accessible library of beyond what 1 million pictures you can utilize. 

Your Canva introductions live on the web, which makes it incredibly simple to team up. You can welcome partners to alter your slideshow (albeit synchronous altering isn’t upheld) or consistently share your completed introduction. Notwithstanding, be careful that Canva can’t import introductions from Microsoft Powerpoint or fares completed work to a Powerpoint-editable configuration.



LibreOffice is a free option in contrast to Microsoft Office, and it incorporates a Powerpoint identical called Impress with virtually the entirety of similar usefulness. You’ll discover the huge solitary distinction between the two slideshow creation apparatuses is the LibreOffice does not have some cutting-edge highlights like implicit coordinated effort and incorporation with Microsoft OneDrive. 

Nonetheless, Impress has a couple of benefits of its own. The product can import records from Keynote, the default introduction programming on Mac PCs. Additionally, there are many free layouts that you can download free of charge. Far superior, there’s no restriction on what text styles you can use with Impress, so it’s not difficult to change the vibe of your introduction from what Powerpoint ordinarily permits. 

All in all, LibreOffice Impress is probably more or less near just reproducing Microsoft Powerpoint free of charge.

Google Slides 

google slides

Google Slides is important for Google Workspace (once in the past G Suite), and it makes a pleasant showing of coordinating with some of PowerPoint’s capacities. This free introduction programming upholds installing recordings, making charts, and adding liveliness to your slides. While the choice of formats is fairly restricted, you can undoubtedly import many extra layouts for nothing or make your own. 

Stunningly better, Google Slides upholds the joint effort devices clients have generally expected from Google. Various individuals can deal with a slideshow simultaneously, and there’s an inherent gathering visit so you can monitor what everybody is doing. It’s also pleasant to play your introduction in moderator mode, which permits you to see how it will look to your crowd and practice timing. 

The solitary disadvantage to Google Slides is that swollen slideshows can encounter some stacking delays. Additionally, be careful that while you can move among Slides and Powerpoint, the transformation frequently plays with your slides’ format. 

WPS Office Free 

wps office

WPS Office Free is a Microsoft Office that resembles the other that completely supports PowerPoint records with no format issues during import. The WPS Presentation device has the entirety of PowerPoint’s similar abilities, including huge loads of livelinesses, slide advances, content impacts, and video implanting. The determination of included introduction formats is likewise exceptionally noteworthy for free programming. 

Probably the best thing about this introduction programming is that the UI will feel unbelievably natural in case you’re coming from Microsoft. The entirety of the apparatuses is shown in a top strip, with your slides appearing on the left half of the screen for a simple route. It’s easy to show your introduction directly from WPS Presentation, which implies there’s no sudden investigation when it’s an ideal opportunity to flaunt your work. 

There’s very little to loathe about WPS Presentation. In any case, remember that promotions uphold the product. A few clients discover the promotions irritating, yet they’re not excessively in the way. 


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