Best free download manager in 2021-01

Best free download manager in 2021

The best free download manager makes the downloading process from the internet accessible, quick, and straightforward. Apart from this, they also consist of some fantastic management options such as fast downloads. Clicking on the download link is as easy as it gets when it comes to downloading. For instance, if you have to download multiple files, then the conventional downloading method may become jammed and bottle-necked. 

That is where the download managers jump in. Download managers can manage the downloads with ease. This may consist of setting up priorities for downloads based on name or file type. Several download managers also provide download scheduling and some fantastic extras such as batch downloading, unique security features, compressed file support, previewing files, and more. A variety of download managers are available in the market, which makes the selection of the best difficult. You should not worry about that because we have provided you with some best free download managers available in the market in this article.

Download Accelerator Plus 

Download Accelerator Plus’s free version is a pared-back version of the premium version. It is more than a trial version and comprises all the features required for quick and reliable downloading. The free version does not consist of DAP Premium’s privacy protection. However, it includes video previewing, link checker, file conversion, safe downloading, and multiple connections for boosting the download speed.

Download Accelerator Plus is intended for media fans and can help you keep away from aggravations like internet congestion. 

Ninja Download Manager 

Ninja Download Manager is an overall newbie to the downloading party. Best of all, it is more contemporary than its contemporaries. 

It features the latest yet straightforward interface paired with an accelerator allowing you to download the files ten times quicker. It does this by dividing every into chunks and then downloads each by using a different server connection. This makes downloading fast and reliable. If you are a music or movie lover, you will surely love its sequential setting that allows you to play a file even if it is still downloading.

Free Download Manager 

Free Download Manager tries to be an all-in-one solution for all individuals – and fortunately, it succeeds. It’s a download accelerator, a BitTorrent client, an audio and video previewer, and a traffic managing tool. Since this is an open-source download manager, it’s free and receives regular updates from its developer community. 

It incorporates incredible planning highlights and a convenient controller that implies you can leave your downloads running and check their progress using an internet-connected device. 

It also can spider sites for downloading specific files and allows you to download the bits of a ZIP document you need. It’s a remarkable program, and it wasn’t easy to pick among this and Ninja Internet Download Manager for the best position. 


JDownloader is a free, open-source download supervisor having a vast developer community, and it’s accessible for Windows, Linux, and Mac.  This download manager is designed for power users and offers support for more than 300 plugins, automated RAR extraction, password list searching, and OCR to finish a portion of the manual human test ‘I’m not a robot’ checks your experience on download destinations. 

You’ll require the Java Runtime Environment to run it. You’ll be cautious during its installation: the installer contains adware, which will come alongside the download manager if you don’t deselect it. 


EagleGet is a savvy, present-day download administrator that makes downloading a wide range of media records a piece of cake. It flaunts sped up downloads, programmed malware checking, programmed and clump downloads, and parts more highlights other than. 

EagleGet’s program extensions work with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, recognizing downloadable material on websites and allows you to get it down by just a couple of clicks.

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