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Best Free Digital Marketing Certifications

Are you looking for a fresh new start in your digital marketing career? Then hopefully this list of free digital marketing certifications will help you get on track. Each of these sites offers valuable information and a walkthrough on how to apply for their specific award. Hopefully, this will help you as you look for opportunities that fit within your career or personal interests.

The certifications are important because they provide a way for you to demonstrate your expertise in various digital channels. The more sites that recognize you as an authority online, the more likely people are to pay attention to what you have to say. There are several hundred percent free digital marketing certifications offered in the market.

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Free Online Digital Marketing Certifications and Courses

Google Digital Garage

It’s simple and enjoyable to learn digital marketing from Google (Digital Garage). You don’t need to be an expert marketer to learn how to use the most popular search engines to find what you want. The best digital marketers have one thing in common: they know how to use Google. You can Sign up Here 

Google is a great resource for learning about digital marketing through real-world examples. It provides a selection of digital marketing courses that are specifically suited to the demands of our users.

For example, if you are new to digital marketing, you can start with basic digital marketing concepts that will help you gain basic knowledge in the field. Once you learn the basics, you can move on to high-level concepts and develop your skills in different marketing areas like media marketing, contextual advertising, content marketing, and more. In addition, after passing the certification exam, Google issues a professional certificate that the course has been completed.

Key Features

The top digital influencers will share their insights, ideas, and experiences with you so that you can make better decisions, create more value, and improve your marketing.

  • It’s a unique event to learn about digital marketing, mobile, and online commerce
  • It’s a great platform for you to make yourself familiar with Google products and solutions
  • It’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet the Google sales team and view our latest solutions. Udemy -> free course and training 

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Udemy -> free course and training 

When most people think of online education, they think of courses taught by expert instructors. Udemy is one of the top video hosting services on the Net with more than 15 million courses delivered in more than 180 countries. It offers courses in all areas of digital marketing, from setting up your website to launching an e-mail marketing campaign.

Once users sign-up, they can start taking our courses. Some of our most popular courses include Digital Marketing Masterclass and The Complete Digital Marketing Course. Udemy will issue you a certificate of completion once you have completed each session successfully. Sign up Here

Key features 

  • Udemy is an online platform where experts can teach and help others
  • Courses delivered by expert instructors teaching you real skills
  • Courses available in multiple languages
  • Take a course on your schedule

Free Marketing certification by Digital Defynd

Digital Defynd is a content and tools network for digital marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs. it provides the best resources to help you build your brand, grow your audience, and succeed in today’s competitive market. Digital Defynd is owned and operated by Graphic Professionals Worldwide, a full-service digital marketing agency based in San Francisco.

If you are looking to improve your digital marketing skills and are not satisfied with the results you’re getting, then the Digital Defynd certification is for you. With the Digital Defynd certification, you’ll receive an explanation of how your website can better interact with Google searches and other search engines so that it ranks higher and shows up higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). If you already know how to create SEO-friendly websites then Digital Defynd Certification will help you to improve the efficiency of these websites. You can Sign up Here.

Digital Marketing Courses by Coursera

Coursera is one of the best websites to access these free online classes. Coursera is an online education platform offering 120+ FREE courses in areas such as web development, marketing, data analytics, and more. You can Sign up Here

If you’re into digital marketing, then the site is a great place to look. Coursera has over 100 courses in various categories. Each course is taught by an expert and complete around 20-45 minutes. The good thing is that there is a community of students and instructors that supports each other. You can ask questions on the forums and get answers from other students who have the same interest or have just started studying digital marketing. The bad thing is that it can be hard to find the right courses at this point in time.

Key Points 

  • Coursera lectures are free and self-directed
  • Learn from world-class teachers who work with international universities and departments.
  • Discover the latest and popular digital marketing methods to assist you to promote your product and drive high traffic to your business website.

Free Digital Marketing Course by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn provides a huge amount of free content. If you are new to LinkedIn then you should absolutely take advantage of this. You can Sign up Here

There are three types of free digital marketing courses on LinkedIn. The first is training courses designed for professionals looking to reach new levels of knowledge and expertise. Training such as these can take years to complete, but the benefits are priceless when you’re learning how to become a better expert in your field. The next level up is how-to training that can be given as an introduction to a new field or industry. And then there is the LinkedIn Learning Network (LLN), a collection of over 50 courses taught by some of the top thought leaders in their fields.

SkillShare (Free marketing certification)

Get the most out of your digital marketing education with Skillshare. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs: tutorials, guides, and application forms. Gain access to thousands of expert opinions, verdicts, and suggestions – all in one place. And, with more than 90 downloadable ebooks in various categories such as web design, development, social media marketing, e-commerce, and many more – there’s something here for everyone. You can Sign up Here

Skillshare also offers affordable online training on graphic design, web design, SEO, social media, and more for designers and developers looking to sharpen their skills. You can even earn free courses from the best instructors by completing surveys throughout the courses. 

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