Best Blogging Platforms for 2021 – Here’s Where to Launch Your Next Blog

Selecting the best blogging platform from a list of platforms in the market can be difficult for those who want to get started with their first blog. There are several platforms available in the market, and each of these platforms has features almost similar to each other. 

The question that may arise here in your mind is how you make up your mind and select the platform you feel is designed for you and suits your needs? But don’t worry because we have the answer to this query of yours. Here we will be providing some of the best blogging platforms of today.

Self-Hosted WordPress 

To use the self-hosted WordPress version, you will first have to download the copy of WordPress and install it on a server. But the top hosting firms make this step easy for you as they take care of the installation process by themselves. The self-hosted version of WordPress provides a high level of flexibility, but it includes an additional cost of a web server and domain name.  Self-hosted WordPress is the most popular platform, and the best of all, it is not restricted to just blog posting.

Who should use self-hosted WordPress?

If you want to have complete control over your blog by customizing every aspect of it, Self-hosted WordPress is the best choice. Apart from its benefits, the con associated with WordPress is that you cannot launch a WordPress blog free of cost. Although it is open-source software that can be downloaded and run locally or on a web server, still there are some plugins and themes which are paid. Likewise, you can purchase a hosting plan at about $4 per month and a domain name at $15 per year.


Blogger is a blog publishing platform developed by Google. Registering on Blogger is very easy as you can use your Google account to get yourself registered. After you register yourself on Blogger using your Google account, you can use any of the default themes to get started with the domain.

Who should use Blogger?

In a couple of minutes, you can make your blog go live on the internet. Blogger is designed for all those beginners who want to get started quickly without getting stuck in any problem. The best thing about Blogger is that it is an entirely free-to-use service. 


Medium is also a blog publishing platform with a focus on the reading experience. The medium was co-founded by Evan Williams, who also co-founded Blogger before Google acquired it. The medium allows you to create posts associated with your users or create publications using customizable layouts. 


Who should use Medium?

Medium’s USP is a user-friendly blog editor which profoundly focuses on the content of your blog. Like Blogger, Medium is also designed for beginners who want to make their blog go live quickly. Medium is entirely free for the publishers without any subscription charges, whereas for readers, there is a subscription model which allows them to access the best-customized content. 

Commercially hosted WordPress or Commercially Hosted WordPress is a platform for publishing blogs based on the WordPress engine. Commercially hosted WordPress is specifically designed for those beginners who are unwilling to spend any amount on domain names or server costs. Also, is considered to be the best alternative to Blogger.

Who should use Commercially hosted WordPress?

WordPress above the free plan offers three different plans: Personal at $4 monthly, Premium at $8 monthly, and Business at $25 monthly. The Personal plan of allows you to use a custom domain, remove native advertising by, and offer the customer. On the other hand, the higher plans give you access to extra storage and more customization possibilities.


Wix is a website builder that allows you to create websites using a drag and drop editor. Wix enables you to select from their more than 500 templates and then fine-tune the site to make it look the way you want. With the help of Wix, you can develop a working blog in a matter of minutes, and best of all, it will the care of hosting the blog for you itself.


Who should use Wix?

Wix comes with a blogging module, but that’s not the primary focus of Wix because it is more suited for you if you are interested in building a standard website. Apart from using Wix for free, you can also purchase its different monthly plans at different rates, which are $5, $11, $14, $29, convertible to your local currency. These monthly plans range from connecting your domain to the creation of a complete e-commerce store.


Ghost is primarily JavaScript-based blogging that a former WordPress developer developed. The only reason for the creation of the Ghost was to focus on blogging. Like WordPress, Ghost also comes with a commercially hosted version. If you want to enjoy a smooth publishing experience with a friendly user interface, then Ghost is the best option for you. One problem with Ghost is that you must have considerable technical skills to set up and run it.


Who should use Ghost?

Ghost is open-source, so you can download and run it without any cost. A problem that arises here is that finding the direct download link is very difficult, so you will have to download it via GitHub and not its official website. Like WordPress, it also features some paid-for themes and plugins.

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