Best SSD Health Check Software

6 Best SSD Health Check Software (Windows/Mac)

What is Solid State Drives SSD?

The most significant recent development in computer storage devices is the advent of solid-state drives SSD. Solid State Drives SSDs are much faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives HDDs. Solid State Drives SSDs contain no moving parts and so are silent, lighter, and consume less power than conventional drives. Furthermore, they provide a significantly improved data transfer rate and lower access latency than HDDs. As technologies begin to converge, we see each technology get smaller and smaller. The SSD is no exception, with capacities reaching upwards of 10 Terabytes! Since flash memory is an impermanent storage medium we need diagnostic software; In this blog, we’re going to take a look at Best SSD Health Check Software and talk about their features and what they can do for you.

Solid State Drives SSD Best SSD Health Check Software
Solid State Drives SSD

6 Best SSD Health Check Software

The best way to maintain good performance on an SSD is to use SSD Health Check Software that monitors its health and performance. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a decrease in performance, and eventually, your SSD will fail. 

Following are the software used to Check SSD Health and Performance: 


CrystalDiskInfo is an SSD Health Check Software that supports S.M.A.R.T and AAM features. It will help you test SSD health and get the most out of your disk drives and keep your data safe.

  • In the latest version, the CrystalDiskInfo Pc version increases its ability to display various information from hard disks, SSDs, USB flash drives, CDROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc. in a simple user interface. 
  • In addition to basic information such as drive model name and serial number, operating system, file system, volume label, file names, and data buffer size of each partition,.
  • It also provides advanced information such as internal/external device vendor name and model name/number, raw capacity in bytes and percentage of total raw capacity used by files in each partition.”

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SSD Life

SSD life helps you to analyze SSD health check free. It is software for analyzing data collected by the SSD Life hardware monitors. It allows you to get a detailed view of how the performance of the drives in your system changes over time, and it performs tests to help you predict drive lifetime.

If you want to SSD health check free you can download the free version of SSD life. It includes most of the features of its commercial counterpart, but it has no time limit and “nag screen”. Click Here for SSD health check software free download.


Smartmontools is a package of tools and daemons for monitoring hard drive health and SSD health check (and other things, too). It is composed of smart (a daemon that monitors the drives, and alerts you when things go wrong) and smartctl (a command-line utility to run smartd and examine the logfiles it generates).

Smartmontools works on most modern Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, BSDs, Solaris, and various proprietary Unixes. It can monitor traditional disks as well as a SSD health check free.  It can also monitor RAID arrays and battery-backed write caches.

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Toshiba SSD Utility

Toshiba SSD Utility is a SSD health check free tool that can be downloaded to help you to test SSD health and maintain your Toshiba SSD. The software can be used to determine the optimum read and write speeds of your computer system. 

  • It displays the read and write speeds of your hard disks and solid state disks (SSD) as well as the total bytes read and written.
  • Toshiba SSD Utility also provides information on the total amount of bytes read and written, as well as an estimated drive life.
  • It offers a convenient solution for updating the SSD firmware to the latest version. It also enables you to check the health status of the SSD, run a TRIM test, and securely erase all data from the drive.
  • You can also view detailed information regarding the drive’s status using the Information tab, which contains detailed information such as firmware version, device ID, total bytes written, wear leveling count, bad block count, and more.

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Hard Disk Sentinal

Hard Disk Sentinel (HDSentinel) is an excellent program that monitors your hard disks. It can be set to alert you by email when the state of one of your drives changes. The possibilities for disaster here are many.

  • Hard Disk Sentinal will help you to prevent data loss. It monitors hard disks activity and warns you if there is any error or bad sector found. The program will inform you about the problem before it becomes critical. 
  • HDD Sentinel, one of the best utilities for monitoring hard disk health, can be considered as a reliable assistant that helps you to avoid hard disk crash and data loss.
  • It has rich functionality for users who want to be notified about hard disk issues promptly so they can take appropriate actions to prevent data loss or hardware damage.
  • The program also allows you to perform various tests on your hard disk drive to verify its proper operation, including reading test for standard one-pass reading of every sector, read test for multi-pass reading of some percentage of sectors, an offline surface test of the whole disk, an offline surface test of the selected range, offline seek error rate test of the whole disk, offline seek error rate test of the selected range, offline performance test of the whole disk, offline performance test of the selected range.

Intel Memory and Storage (MAS)

Intel Memory and Storage (MAS) is a portfolio of differentiated memory and storage solutions, including flash memory, 3D XPoint™ memory, Optane™ storage products, and Xeon® processors with integrated memory controllers. Our strategy for this portfolio is to deliver the performance, capacity, flexibility, and cost-per-gigabyte needed by demanding applications within the data center.

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Beneficial Best SSD Health Check Software

When you start looking for the best SSD health checking tools, you will see two things about them: There are many tools available online. They offer different features for different prices. All of these SSD health checking software can be used for different purposes. For example, they can be used to check your hard drives and your SSDs.But which one is the best? Here is a comparison between the top 2 best SSD health checking software:

The first one is CrystalDiskInfo. It is a SSD health check free software for Windows and other operating systems too. It has a simple and intuitive interface with a lot of features that allow you to check the status of your drive and perform some additional tasks if necessary. You can use it to scan your HDD or SSD for errors and fix them if there are any detected issues with the drive.

The second one is Hard Disk Sentinel (HDS). It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. The latest version of this app offers a lot of extra information about the hard disk status, including temperature readings from different sensors on the hard disk itself.


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