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5 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

The year 2020 was full of new challenges because the increased number of remote workers used untested methods for accessing confidential information in E-commerce. With the introduction of a new access procedure and increase in traffic came new attack vectors and the need for new tactics for mitigating these. Many cybersecurity aspects are still the same and will need a concentrated effort to enforce existing rules and procedures. Here we will be listing five cybersecurity predictions for 2021.

  • The importance of the Internet of Behavior will keep on growing.

The Internet of Behavior is a term developed by Gartner, an industry analysis leader, which means using data for changing behaviors. The strategy in 2021 will be to find a balance in using this data for maintaining security. Moreover, Gartner has predicted that by 2024, 30% of the businesses will mandate DNA storage trials and address the exponential growth of data for overwhelming the existing storage technology.

  • 2021 will be for Virtual Security Teams

Cybersecurity-related concerns can adversely affect the ability of smaller-company for responding on time. Employing a CISO and a team of security specialists is not feasible for most SMB organizations. Therefore, it has been predicted that in the year 2021, SMB will hire vCISO and virtual minions of security experts. This will help the company reap maximum benefits. They will have experts reviewing their continuity plans, analyzing the data related to a potential breach, establishing a security perimeter, and much more.

  • Ransomware will become more effective.

It has been predicted that the attack methods are going to become difficult to define. Hackers behind the ransomware attacks will be changing their tactics regularly. Moreover, the hackers may also turn to call centers to follow up their victims if they try restoring their data without paying the ransom to the hackers. Also, there will be a shift in the attack vector. The ransomware attacks may loc down entire networks disturbing the workflows of the business. If the hackers don’t pay the ransom, they may release the data to the public.

  • Phishing/BEC attacks will continue to create problems.

Whatever form of phishing attack it is, whether company-wide emails, targeted business email compromise attacks, or the vishing attack, the phishing attacks will keep on creating havoc for the businesses.

  • Distributed Security Perimeter will be required for protecting dispersed infrastructure.

The future of app development revolves around containerization, componentization, and cloud-first architecture. When this reality is combined with hybrid work environments, you will see why we focus on bringing the perimeter in for meeting the data. A new adage will be seen in 2021, which is “Identity is the Perimeter”.


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