15 BEST Software Configuration Management Tools

15 BEST Software Configuration Management Tools

Software Configuration Management Tools are one of the most crucial software development tools to manage software projects with various objectives using various types of software configurations. Overall, Software Configuration Management Tools aim at improved consistency of work results with fewer errors, higher productivity, improved timeliness, enhanced traceability, frequent updates, improved correctness of documentation, earlier identification of defects.

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15 Best Software Configuration Management Tools 

Desktop Central 

Desktop Central is a software configuration management (SCM) application developed by Midnight Coders. It is used to control all the documents, applications, or any other essential things in big companies or institutions with multiple departments. Incorporating tools of SCM, version control, patch management, file sharing, and release management into one single tool, helps administrators to plan for changes in the system environment and reduce the risk of downtime.

CFEngine Configuration Tool 

CFEngine is a powerful, automated system for managing the configuration of machines across large networks. It is designed to enable zero-touch installation on new machines and includes a host of interesting features, including health monitoring and a very “tolerant” model for handling changes, known as convergent automation.

Server Configuration Monitor 

Server Configuration Monitor is a free software configuration management tool designed for Windows administrators who want to monitor and track changes on multiple remote servers simultaneously.

Puppet Configuration Tool 

Puppet is a configuration management tool that can be run on as many as five nodes at a time. It is distributed free of charge by Puppet, Inc. The system’s core product, Puppet Enterprise, consists of a software package, the puppet master, which interacts with software on the machine that is to be managed called agent, by sending it tasks that are requested by the user or other puppet code.

CHEF Configuration Tool 

CHEF Configuration Tool is an open-source configuration management system that is used for automating repetitive tasks in complex software development projects. It produces software packages in reliable ways for various platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Solaris, IOS devices, Android devices, and more.

Ansible Configuration Tool 

Ansible is a configuration management tool created by Kelsey Henson in 2012. It’s an easy-to-use tool that can automate configuration tasks across a large number of servers with a single command. Multiple modules exist, along with simple library implementations for third-party tools that automate management tasks.

Saltstack Configuration Tool 

The SALTSTACK configuration tool, or simply “SALT,” helps IT teams easily orchestrate and automate the complete data center to deliver applications at speed. Ideal for managing multiple cloud environments, SaltStack enables you to control your entire infrastructure from a single interface. Full automation, rapid provisioning, and unparalleled scalability make SaltStack an invaluable tool for DevOps professionals to maintain business agility and stay ahead of the competition.

JUJU Configuration Tool 

JUJU Configuration Tool is a configuration management tool – software used to automate software configuration. It is a solution for IT departments of corporate and mission-critical organizations that need to execute complex tasks in IT infrastructure with high levels of automation and accuracy, frequently performing changes on thousands of applications and servers. JUJU has been tested with over 200 application types, including databases, web servers, load balancers, operating systems (including Linux and Windows) as well as middleware such as databases (MySQL, Oracle), Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal), Web Servers (Apache Tomcat, Apache.


The rudder is an open-source software configuration management tool designed for IT teams that have to adapt quickly to changing business requirements. The modular framework helps you plan, deploy, and manage your applications continuously while always ensuring that what is running is exactly what you want, and nothing else. The rudder is easy to operate thanks to the tight integration with the automation server Ansible, which allows you to deploy policies directly from your CI toolchain.

TeamCity Configuration Tool 

TeamCity is a Continuous Integration server that helps you to get your software into the right state, from any version control system. Configuration Tool for TeamCity enables you to manage file changes in remote TeamCity setup. It also allows non-TeamCity users to view configuration information on their local machine, and apply deltas from a central repository. When updates are sent from TeamCity to a remote system, the Configuration Tool for TeamCity will perform the update only when the configuration on the local machine is changed.

Octopus Deploy 

Octopus Deploy is a significantly better choice as compared to CodePlex, as it is much cheaper. In addition, Octopus Deploy supports release management and controls updates to deployments, which provides more granular control. It also supports functional testing and uses the power of Git for configuration management.


ConfigHub is an invaluable Issue Tracker Issue Management System (ITSM) project management software that provides real-time issue tracking, workspace management, time tracking application metrics, SLA management. The software allows you to manage your team’s bugs issues, tasks, projects, and sessions in one convenient online location.  ConfigHub’s architecture allows for amazing flexibility when it comes to integration with other tools into your IT systems.

Alibaba Application Configuration Management 

Alibaba Application Configuration Management is a cross-platform configuration management tool that can help developers and system administrators solve the complex problem of software development, software maintenance, and software security in modern enterprise systems on large scale.


A spinnaker is a tool that helps you do continuous deployment. It provides a unified interface for implementing continuous delivery by assembling your deployment pipeline from multiple services by automatically configuring each service endpoint, monitoring the health of the services dynamically, and activating the right mix of resiliency strategies from a pool of built-in strategies.

AWS OpsWorks 

AWS OpsWorks is a service that allows you to automate and scale application deployment for web and mobile apps based on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. AWS OpsWorks simplifies configuration management by allowing you to construct a workflow of phases and actions, which you can reuse across applications.

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