10 Typing Games For Kids To Learn Faster

10 Typing Games for Kids to Learn Faster

Do you want your kid to learn to type faster? Many sites offer free typing games for kids where you can learn to touch type, copy words, letters, and numbers. Today we are going to look at the most popular typing games where the kids are learning typing online.

Typing games are a brilliant way for kids to learn how to type. There are an endless amount of typing games for kids available. To help you figure out which one to choose, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the 10 best typing games for kids.

Best Typing Games for Kids


KidzType is an online typing tutor and keyboarding training software for children. With KidzType children are introduced to the complexities of using a computer in a fun and engaging way – they learn the keyboarding skills they need to become confident and competent in using the computer.

It is a respectful, positive, and encouraging community for children to explore the world of words. Using KidzType’s activity-based approach allows children to tackle the keyboard and learn in an enjoyable way. A personalized timeline shows you your child’s progress and current typing speed. Encourage your kids to explore, discover new words and increase their typing speeds – all whilst having fun!

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids is basically a child learning games website that will help them to improve their knowledge in different aspects. This site is full of interesting and fun games for kids like Learning color, learning numbers, learning letters, etc. These games are designed in such a way that they nuzzle up the attitude of the child with reading and perception.

Learning Games for Kids make it possible for parents to teach new concepts and ideas in a fun and interesting way!


Turtle Diary is a fun game for kids to help them learn how to type and get familiar with their first PC. This game is very easy to play and does not require a mouse or any other pointing devices. The player can click on the screen with the spacebar to stop the moving turtle, and then type the letters to make him jump.

It teaches kids to type through button pressing. Kids answer math questions and then they are presented with letters to make words and solve the problem, they physically type on the screen.

Slime Kids

What is Slime Kids? Slime Kids set out to create a place that combined fun activities with learning in a safe & nurturing environment for kids. Sure, there are plenty of places your kids can learn, but they probably aren’t having as much fun while they do it. That’s the goal of Slime Kids.

Slime Kids lets you explore the colorful, virtual world of Slime Kids and its many caves and mountains together with your friends.


ABCya.com is a website filled with free games, educational activities, and printables for kids in Grades K – 6. The site features over 1,300 activities available to visitors and an additional 25+ activities that can be unlocked by joining ABCya’s free online service, though registration is not required.

You can choose one of the many free activities, or spend your time learning by creating your own adventure. Whether it’s typing, reading, or solving puzzles, you’ll develop knowledge and keyboarding skills as you explore ABCya!

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is an in-browser game developed by Nitrome experimenting to see whether a game could be coded entirely in JavaScript. With the same retro 8-bit look and feel, it’s as if your favorite computer games have been submerged in water! 

It is a free web game where you have to type as fast as possible to beat your opponent. Also, many other challenges and achievements are there for those who reach high levels of speed. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and click away!


TypeTastic is a very simple and fun game that lets you practice your keyboarding skills in a competition format! They like to call it an extreme typing challenge. The objective is to type the words as they appear onscreen. Boom — once per second a new word appears and your fingers scramble over the keyboard to beat the challenger who’s sitting next to you.

It is a playful experiment in improving your typing skills through clever game mechanics. To get you started fast, there are three minigames available to choose from: Type Attack! (Bloons TD with typing), Type Defence (Shoot’em up with typing) and Type Fall.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is an educational game developed by Purple Moon for the PC. This keyboarding game teaches children as young as four to type using a dance mat controller that you plug into your computer.

It is a simple game where you type the letters that appear on the dance mat as they go past. (The Dance Mat Typing Game was formerly called “QWERTY WARS”).

Free Typing Game for Kids

Free Typing Game is one of the best typing games for kids and adults. Practice your typing skills with Free Typing Game. Improve your typing speed and accuracy by playing this game.

It was one of the first available in its genre on the Internet. The principle is very simple: Your task is to type as many words as possible from the list below with no errors. If you make a mistake, you will get a great penalty, and your typing security will be lowered. In addition, errors lower your score and slow down your workflow.


Typing.com offers a free online typing website for kids that help them learn the Qwerty keyboard. Their online typing test will tell you if your child is ready for the challenge of learning to type with their fingers on a computer keyboard.



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