10 Must Have Powerhouse Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2021

10 Must-Have Powerhouse Apps for Entrepreneurs in 2021

Stop scrambling to figure out how you can manage your growing business. Get yourself organized by using the ten must-have powerhouse apps for entrepreneurs that can do everything from recording your calls to allowing you to sign documents on the go for processing payments for managing your finances. 


Entrepreneur recommends this app as it helps you to nail those big meetings. This emails you the briefing before your meetings which includes a summary of every person who will attend the meeting and other information you will be needing. This is done by scouring your email, calendar, and social media accounts and also searching online. It is like your personal assistant but without any price tag. 


It helps you save essential information in the app to view it later, even if you are not online. You can save articles, images, videos, and other stuff and then access them whenever you want. You can easily access this saved data using a phone, tablet, or computer. The best thing about Pocket is that it allows you to save content from around 1,500 mobile apps. Also, it comes with a Buffer web browser plugin.


With the help of this app, your social media marketing will become less overwhelming. Moreover, it also allows you to share your posts across different social networks. Using Buffer, you can also schedule your content to ensure that it is posted at an optimal time so that your followers can see it. 


You can easily access your customer information using your mobile device. With the help of this one integrated mobile platform, you can harness the power of Salesforce1 and its marketing, customer service, sales, and business analytics capabilities. You can understand your customer better with Salesforce1, and also you will be able to manage your business with ease. 


You can process credit and debit card payments in person by using your mobile device and small reader that comes with Square for free as soon as you sign up. It accepts regular as well as chip cards to make the sales easy. You can also upgrade to a Square Stand if you are selling at a store or countertop. It comes with some amazing features that assist you in managing your company.


Trello makes project management fun and easy to visualize what has to be done, and also it allows you to collaborate with your other team members. With the help of Trello, you can organize your projects into cards, lists, and boards. You can use the tools to observe what projects are in progress, who is working on them, and the status of each one. It also allows you to assign tasks to your employees, set deadlines, and categorize the tasks according to their activities, priorities, and timelines. It is a simple and effective way of managing your projects in this intuitive and easy-to-use mobile platform.


Have you ever realized that you have a conference call, but you cannot find the PIN or password needed to enter the call? Well, MobileDay solves this problem of yours. It syncs with your calendar and allows you to access your calls with a single click so that you never miss your conference call and hop in on time no matter where you are.


HelloSign is the perfect app for signing contracts or other agreements on the go without running back to the office for printing, signing, and scanning documents. You can view your documents in the app, sign PDF files with your fingertip and then email it off. HelloSign is a user-friendly solution to handle your contacts, saving your time and frustration. 


Wunderlist allows you to upgrade your list seamlessly. This app syncs with all your devices. This allows you to share your lists to work on projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines, and add images and other content to your lists. The purpose of this app is to centralize your conversations so that you can stay on top of your to-do list.


Accounting software is a must-have for entrepreneurs to easily and quickly manage their books from any part of the world. FreshBooks is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for small business owners. This app syncs to your mobile and desktop apps so that you can view your current financials. You can also use this app to send invoices, check the status of payments, and respond to client feedback. It also allows you to track the time and snap photos of receipts for adding them to your expenses. 

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