10 Best Parental Control Software In 2021

10 Best Parental Control Software In 2021

There are many software available today that can help you supervise or monitor your children’s online or computer activities. If you have young children and want to make sure they are not exposed to potentially dangerous and/or inappropriate content, you might need to consider purchasing one of these programs. It is such a variety available, it can be hard to select the right parental control software for your family. Here is the best parental control software you should try in 2021.

Best Parental Control Software


Qustodio is a feature-rich parental control software that helps you and your children enjoy the Internet in a safer environment. As a web filter built for kids, Qustodio acts as a deterrent to online dangers. Unlike much other parental control software, it also allows you to experience the Internet freely, without fear of losing your children along the way.

Qustodio is a free app that is available for both the Android and iOS platforms. You can also use it on your PC as well. It allows you to monitor your child’s phone, chat messages, browser history a lot more.

OpenDNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS FamilyShield is a free service offered by OpenDNS that aims to filter out adult content and objectionable material from the Internet. Using your IP address, OpenDNS can determine the location of your computer or internet-enabled device and restrict what is available to you accordingly.

For example, you can use OpenDNS FamilyShield Safe Search to change your default toolbar search engine from Google to Bing or add a custom list of websites to block or unblock.


KidLogger is a software application that has been developed to help you monitor chat conversations and web browsing in real-time. The program runs in the background without being noticed by the monitored user. 

It is productive software that can be used to monitor the computer activities of children and family members with revealing information regarding inappropriate use of electronic devices for adults. Is a safe and effective way to keep track and monitor children or the elderly from your mobile device. It monitors their text messages, calls, GPS locations, emails, and web browsing history.

Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger is a completely free keylogger for PC that records all activities on the computer. This keylogger runs and detects all activity in the background with no need to be installed or configured. It works along with Windows OS and is undetectable to other PC users.

It helps you and your family to detect whether someone uses your PC, Laptop, and Netbook without your permission or not. Keystrokes recorder feature will report everything typed on the keyboard even if you are not around. What Spyrix records typed: passwords, credit card information, and other private data?

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a multifunctional application, which helps to protect children from all possible risks that may occur when using the Internet. It is a free parental control software designed to protect children from online threats. It offers several useful features that can be customized to fit your family and your child’s needs. 

The application comes pre-configured with many settings, so there is no need to adjust them for many Windows users. However, if you want to customize the program’s functionality, you can do it easily. Kaspersky Safe Kids aims to help an adult person control a child’s activities on the PC.

Wondershare Famisafe

Wondershare Famisafe 7 is an all-in-one parental control software that helps to protect your child from online threats. It also allows you to watch over them from a distance when you are not around. Famisafe offers features that support web filtering and anti-virus protection, such as WebGuard and Safe Surf. 

It has enriched other functions, including Internet time management, application monitoring, and chat conversation recording, and so on. There is no doubt that Wondershare Famisafe is just a professional parent control software than others on the market.


The bark is a parental control software that helps you to monitor your children’s activity on PC and block certain websites, applications, games, and other windows that you don’t want them to use. With Bark, you are able to monitor computer activity (i.e., chats, IMs, emails), ensure your kids stay away from unwanted websites, or have peace of mind when they are using Xbox Live. 

You will be notified whenever it is used and you can control what they do on their computer like playing games online.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is one of the world’s leading ISP Filtering and Reporting solutions. Net Nanny is a Parental Control technology that protects children from exposure to inappropriate content, helps parents supervise kids’ activity online, and helps ISPs comply with new laws and regulations.

It offers many options for controlling user access, such as filtering specific websites, monitoring programs and games, or reviewing search terms and chat content. Parents can keep an eye on the sites their kid’s visit, whether they’re browsing on the computer or online from their smartphones.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is a pretty much stand-alone product, which is completely free of cost as well. It comes with loads of features to ensure the security and safety of your kids. So you can give this application a try! It has a lot to offer and being a free application, you would not be spending any money on its use. 

It can easily be customized to fit in with your usage so that it becomes the most appropriate solution for your needs. It hence becomes an ideal product for the contemporary family.

Clean Router

Clean Router is a free parental control package that aims to help parents to monitor their family members. Clean Router has the best features available to filter and block websites and applications. This “Free’security” product ensures your children are away from any threats that might harm their computer or affect the people around them.

It has a function called “all devices connection mode” and has the ability to filter your entire network, no matter how many computers, laptops, Wi-Fi devices, our smartphones are connected through it.


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