Best Money Earning Apps

10 Best Money Earning Apps

Most people want to earn more income. They look into personal finance and try to improve their earning potential. The most important thing they notice is the difference between actual and planned income. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make an extra income without spending that much time on it?  In this blog, I have explained the Top 10 Money Earning Apps that offer the convenience of making money while doing something else. The list contains apps that can help you earn money more easily. 

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10 Best Money Earning Apps


The Task_Bucks is a very simple money earning apps without investment and requires little time and can be completed while you’re at work or on a break. Examples of the tasks include: “Watch a video and complete a survey,”Download a free app,” “Watch a short video ad,” “Answer a quick poll question” and so on.

  • Task bucks also rewards you for completing offers from sponsors with gift cards, apps, games, free subscriptions, cash and more. Get enough task bucks and you can exchange them for real money through PayPal. The amount of money earned by completing the tasks is dependent upon how quickly they’re completed.
  • You need to have an Android phone in order to use this app. A user will receive a maximum of 10 task bucks per day and users may not earn more than $1 with this app unless they complete special offers from sponsors.
  • The Task bucks app is easy to use as it only requires users to register their basic details including name, email address, gender and date of birth once before commencing with earning task bucks. 
  • Users can claim their earned task bucks daily as long as they have accrued at least one task buck through the previous day’s activities. 

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Meesho is one of the top money making apps. This app has started its journey in the year 2017 and it has gained more than 200 million downloads on the Google play store within a few months. Meesho is an Indian based ap.It is one of the apps that pay you and gives you the opportunity to make money by selling anything on this platform.

  • It is also considered as an e-commerce app where you can sell things to your followers, friends, family or even to unknown people. The highest price tag you set on your product, the most profits you can make. 
  • If you are good at helping people find the products they are interested in, this app will allow you to get a commission on every sale that comes through your app. As of now, there are more than 50,000 sellers using this app and their number is increasing day by day.
  • You can earn up to Rs. 50,000 per month by working on this money making app if you have a good marketing strategy in place. 
  • People who are in business or want to start their own business should definitely give this app a try because it will help them earn some extra bucks every month.

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Google Opinion Rewards

The Google Opinion Rewards is one of the best money earning apps without investment. The app is available for Android phones. Users are rewarded with a few cents to a dollar, or with Google Play credits. This app gives you surveys on topics like music, food, movies, magazines and many more. The survey is very easy to answer with simple Yes or No questions. It might ask something like- ‘Do you like the new song by Lady Gaga? “You can choose your own answers.

  • Though you are eligible for rewards, you are required to have a good internet connection and your location services must be ON. Also, this app does not consume much power so it will not affect your battery life. It’s a very lightweight and handy app. 
  • It’s not necessary to pay full attention while answering the questions because these surveys are time-limited so if you want to get more surveys in future, you need to finish them quickly. 
  • This app also has no age restriction so anyone can use it. You can redeem your earnings by using Google Play credits or via PayPal transfer which usually takes between 10-15 days of processing time.

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Wonk is one of the top 10 money earning apps. You need to sign up on wonk free of cost o and they will pay you for taking surveys, watching videos, and even for playing games. It’s super easy to get started – just download the app and follow the prompts! I’ve been using Wonk for years now, and it’s been a great way to make a few extra dollars in my spare time. 

The best part about Wonk? 

  • It doesn’t cost anything to join! They don’t charge anything to download the app or take an offer. That means there’s no harm in trying it out!
  •  Wonk also has a lot of great features that I haven’t mentioned yet. For example, they send out fun polls every day that you can share on Facebook or Twitter for extra points and rewards. 
  • All in all, Wonk is a great app and it’s helped me earn extra cash when I need it most. I highly recommend it.

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MooCash is a mobile app designed to help you earn money by completing simple activities, such as downloading apps, watching advertisements, trying free apps or completing surveys. MooCash apps that pay you the opportunity to earn money every week to spend on games, apps and more.

Cash application offers various ways to earn through the completion of various activities that are available to all users of the platform. Additionally, if you are looking for additional ways to make money, there is the possibility of getting paid for inviting friends to use the application.

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The best way to make money in your spare time is through an app called Phonepe. The user can get a Rs.10 sign up bonus on their first transaction done using the app. The user will also get Rs.50 per download of the app from a referral link, and Rs.100 when the referred user does a transaction worth Rs.500 or more on their first transaction done using the app. You can earn unlimited cash by referring others to the app and by doing transactions yourself. 

Data Buddy

The Data Buddy app helps you to make money from your cell phone data. It is a free money making app and it is going to offer you some great rewards for your voice data. You may be a part of a pool of users who share their cell phone data with the application and get paid for that. 

  • Data Buddy is great because it helps you make money from your cell phone without using any data from your plan. This makes it a great app for those with limited data on their plans or those who don’t want to use up all their data allowance on something like this. 
  • There are other apps out there that will pay you for your unused data but they require you to download their app and they need quite a bit of your unused data in order to give you an adequate amount in return. 
  • The Data Buddy app doesn’t require any special downloads because it works with the cell phone’s default browser.

Current Rewards

You can earn money by using the Current Rewards app that allows you to be compensated every time you listen to songs or play online games. In India, the Earn Cash Rewards app shows you the opportunity to create a smooth viewing experience with access to integrated web-based income possibilities.

The app contains over 1 lakh radio stations in different categories, with the best songs in each category, and with exceptional visuals and performance. You can exchange your profits for various kinds of gift cards.


Sheroes is an online platform where women can search for female entrepreneurs to help them start their businesses. It’s a one-stop platform that helps women find everything they need to run their businesses successfully.

The app was launched in November 2015 by Rajat Jain, who quit his corporate job to start this venture with his wife Deepti Kapoor. They are techies by profession and were inspired by the success of tech startups in India. Before venturing into tech entrepreneurship, they ran an e-commerce company selling ethnic fashion products online. They wanted to start something that could help women become entrepreneurs without any major hiccups

Roz Dhan 

Roz Dhan is a money-saving app that helps you save money by giving you access to your bank account information. It lets you know how much money you have, and where it’s going.

  • The interface is very simple. It shows you the amount of money in your account, and how much of it is available for withdrawal.
  •  It also shows you what percentage of that money has been used up by different expenses, such as bills and groceries. This way, if you have a shopping trip planned for the weekend, you can be sure that your bank account won’t suddenly become overdrawn due to a payment to a utility company that slipped through the net.
  • If there’s any money left over from your monthly budget, this section tells you how much it is, and how much interest it has earned so far. All in all, this is a brilliant app that makes your bank account more manageable—and saves a lot

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