10 Best DevOps Certification Training Program

10 Best DevOps Certification Training Program

Best DevOps Certification Training Program

Are you seeking a job as a DevOps engineer? Or do you want to enhance your value as a freelancer or in your current job? If so, there are several certifications that can help. Speed up your DevOps learning with this guide to the most popular and best DevOps certification and training programs available now.

Docker Certified Associate

The DCA exam designed to validate that docker practitioner with real-world problems designed by experienced docker practitioners The benefit of this certification program is that it recognizes your docker skills, knowledge with a docker certification exam. You can sign up here for the docker certification exam.

About Exam

  • Cost of exam= 195$
  • Time period= 90 minutes
  • Types of questions = 55 Multiple choice 

Curriculum of Exam 

  • Networking
  • Installation and configuration
  • Image creation
  • Management
  • Registry
  • Storage
  • Orchestration 
  • Volumes

Kubernetes Certification

Kubernetes is the best training program, is organized by the (CNCF) cloud-native computing Foundation in collaboration with Linux Foundation to support the Kubernetes ecosystem, it will enhance Your Kubernetes skills and gives credibility in this field for preparing the  CKA, CKAD exam

Kubernetes includes two certifications 

  • Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA)
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developers (CKAD)

Certified Kubernetes Administration (CKA)

Candidates of (CKA) must have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to solve multiple problems from a single command line. The CKA program aims to assure that performs the responsibility of Kubernetes administrators It is an online and performance-based test that is completed by self-learning courses. You can sign up here for the exam.

About Exam

  • Cost of exam: 300$
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Question Type: Problem Solving 

Exam Curriculum 

  • 19% Core Concepts
  • 11% Networking
  • 5% Scheduling
  • 12% Security
  • 11% Cluster Maintenance
  • 8% Application Lifecycle Management
  • 12% Installation, Configuration & Validation

CKAD Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)

The CKAD exam certification is proof that users can design, build, configure and expose the cloud-native application for the Kubernetes ecosystem. who passes the CKAD certification can define the application resource and use them to build, monitor, and problem-solving scalable applications and tools in Kubernetes.

Candidates must be aware of the techniques of the cloud-native application concepts and architecture, OCI compliant container runtimes like Docker, and programming languages such as Node J.s, java, and Python. Participants are awarded the certification on passing the exam. You can sign up here for the test

About Exam

  • Exam Cost: 300$
  • Duration of Exam: 2 hours
  • Question Type: Problem Solving

Exam Curriculum 

  • Core Concepts: 13%
  • Configuration: 18%
  • Multi-Container Pods:10%
  • Observability-18%
  • Pod Design-20%
  • Services & Networking:13%
  • State Persistence: 8%

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

There are many AWS certification training for professionals performing different responsibilities in AWS Cloud. It is a Professional certification exam that tests the technical skills and knowledge of the participants to operate and manage shared system and application on the Amazon Web service platform

Candidates required to pass the exam must know a good understanding of the process and methods for development and operations. Documentation, online courses, and practices are important to prepare for this exam to get a certification. This AWS Certified DevOps exam is available in many languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. You can signup here for the test.

About Exam

  • Cost: 300$
  • Duration: 170 minutes
  • Question Type: 40-65 Multiple Choices 

Exam Curriculum

  • SDLC automation (22 percent)
  • Monitoring and logging (15 percent)
  • Policies and standards automation(10 percent)
  • Incident and event response
  • how to design and automate disaster recovery strategies (15 percent)

Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam

Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service looks like AWS and the Google Cloud Platform. It offers a variety of services such as web servers, email servers, user directories, file storage servers, virtual machines, and more. Candidates appearing for the Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam should have subject matter knowledge combining people, processes, and technologies to continuously deliver business value for the DevOps Engineer Expert certification

The exam certification includes in the list of 10 best DevOps certifications as the Azure professionals, working as DevOps engineers, are hoping to get this certification. You can signup here.

About exam:

  • Prerequisite: Azure developer associate and azure administrator associate
  • Cost of exam: 165$
  • Duration of exam: 170 minutes
  • Type of question: 40-60 Multiple choices 

Exam curriculum:

  1. Continuous integration
  2. Continuous delivery
  3. Application infrastructure
  4. Dependency management
  5. Continuous feedback
  6. Designing a DevOps strategy
  7. Implementing DevOps development processes

Puppet Professional Certification

The Puppet Certified Professional examines the talented participants about macro-level knowledge of Puppet IT automation software. After passing the exam, the participants would be enabled to operate system infrastructure using Puppet. The participant can learn modules such as data separation and external data sources.

Ideal candidates must be aware of problem-solving strategies for core Puppet platform components and Puppet code and a good understanding of module testing practices, structure, and arrangement and design of profiles and role. You can signup here.

About exam:

  • Cost of exam: $200
  • Duration time: 90 minutes
  • Type of question: 60 Multiple choices 

Exam curriculum:

  • Idempotence,
  • Puppet facts,
  • Resource abstraction,
  • Practical operational knowledge of Puppet language,
  • data service capabilities of Hiera,
  • applications of Puppet DB data,
  • Puppet agent lifecycle

Architecting With Google Cloud Platform

The course covers all the points of practical solutions, including securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, security and access management, resource monitoring as well. You can signup here.

About course

  • The Course is available on Coursera.
  • Cost of course: Free for 7 days
  • Duration of course: Flexible

Free DevOps Course on (LinkedIn)

Leading DevOps practitioners James Wickett and Ernest Mرller contribute to this course. Focusing on the core values ​​of culture, automation, measurement, and sharing (CAMS) provides an overview of the DevOps movement. This course covers the various tools and procedures that an organization adopts for transformation in DevOps, has both lean and active project management principles, and covers SDLC, ITSM, IT How old school principles according to DevOps like oil.

DevOps accomplishes the course by discussing the three key principles of infrastructure automation, sustainable delivery, and reliable engineering. It also has some additional resources and a brief overview of the future as organizations move from cloud to server without any architecture. You can signup here.

About course

  • The Course is available on LinkedIn
  • Cost of course: Rs 1,652
  • Duration of course: 3 hours

Become a Cloud DevOps Engineer- Nano-degree Program

Starting a career as a Cloud DevOps Engineer requires Linux command line experience and basic object-oriented programming. The course introduces the operation of large-scale infrastructure and the provision of high-speed services and applications. You start with the basics of cloud computing, computer power, security, networking, messaging, and administrative services. Create CI / CD pipelines, among other important topics, run micro-services on a scale using cabernets.

About Course

  • Prerequisite: Intermediate JavaScript
  • The Course is available on go and checks  Udacity
  • Cost of course: Rs 79996
  • Duration period: 4 months

Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

It is predicted that automation will play an important role in future technologies. If you want to get the upper hand in this scenario, this is the right place to start the course. It teaches you to self-regulate your infrastructure with Terraform. Start with the fundamentals and move to more advanced topics. Take advantage of practical experience, which helps you consolidate your ideas.

The instructions and guidelines for configuring and working with the required tools are clearly stated. Lectures on relevant technology development are updated regularly. There are many examples of code that can be used to automate your infrastructure.

About course

  • The Course is available on udemy.
  • Cost: Rs 700
  • Duration: 7 hours

Free DevOps Training Course by Microsoft

The program will taste the response to changing market conditions with the help of permanent integration and determination. It teaches how to monitor requests, feedback and ensures customer satisfaction. The program is divided into eight courses and you have to take it one step further to become an expert in this field. Developed by Microsoft and available on EDX, this certificate focuses on helping you learn DevOps culture skills in any workplace.

Lectures cover every concept at full speed. The entire course is divided into appropriate sections, making it easier for students to follow. Learn topics like database integration, layout management, architectural apps, and more. At the end of the certification, there is a final project, with the help of which you will be able to learn the lessons of the lesson. You can signup here.

About Course

  • The Course is available on edX
  • Cost: Fre
  • Duration: 16-30 hours

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