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10 Best Android Games To Play

Whether you like sports games, racing games, or something more challenging, there are plenty of great games for you in this roundup. The best Android games aren’t just fun and addictive – they’re also free and ready to download and play right now. And if you’re looking for even more great Android apps, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best Android apps. Android games are becoming popular day by day. It can be difficult to find which games are worth your time, instead of just the ones that take your money. With this article, I give you my 10 best Android games, ranging from casual to hardcore. And if you’re an experienced gamer, maybe it can help with your next big purchase (or non-purchase).

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10 Best Android Games

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Android Games

Call of Duty is one of the most famous first-person shooter android games. There are two versions of the game. First, there is the free version which only has the training mode available. Then, there is the paid version that offers three modes: training, single mission, and multiplayer mode.

The game resembles classic FPS video games like Doom, Quake, and Half-Life. The action takes place in a modern theatre of war where soldiers must use different types of weapons while trying to accomplish different goals.

The controls are easy to learn so pretty much anyone can start playing right away. The game comes with a wide variety of maps to play on, including some that are based on other famous FPS games like Counter-Strike or Team Fortress. If you want to play the Call of Duty-free android game on your phone then click on the link to download it.

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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Android Games

Genshin Impact is a very interesting best game on play store, which allows the player to control a spaceship, which after each mission can be upgraded via buying new parts or modules for the ship. Other things you can buy are new weapons and upgrades for weapons.  The colors and designs that the game has, make it very interesting for other players to play it.

Genshin Impact has five different types of missions :

●   survival: where you need to survive as long as possible

●   interception: where you have to kill everything that moves

●   defense: where your job is to protect certain objects

●   collection: where you have to collect things to score points

●   flyby: which is about flying around making sure no enemy reaches its destination.

The developer of Genshin Impact seems to have put quite an effort into this game – its nice physics engine allows many different strategies for completing certain tasks. Also, it seems that the game will be updated regularly to improve the game itself and the user experience. Click Here to download one of the top android games available on the internet. Download


Gris Android Games

Gris is an adventure android game with puzzle elements, created by independent developer Nomada Studio. The game is set in an unnamed city, featuring the protagonist Gris, a young girl who has to travel across the city in search of her lost brother. Gris is unable to speak or make any sounds, but she can interact with objects and her environment using gestures.

A game is played by transitioning between two types of locations: the real world and the dream world. Whereas the real world is rather bleak and mostly colored in shades of gray, the dream world is full of bright colors and lively music. The protagonist travels between the two worlds using magical paintings scattered around the city.


● A piece can move only one square per turn.

● A piece may not move onto any square gripped by a competitor piece.

● When a piece moves onto a square gripped by a competitor piece, it may remove that opponent’s piece from the board and take its place. If multiple pieces occupy the same square when a friendly piece moves to that square, only 1 of them is removed.

● The ultimate goal is to reduce your opponent’s ability to capture territory to zero by surrounding him/her with friendly pieces (see below).

● When one player has reduced the other player to zero capturing capacity (i.e., surrounded him or her), he or she wins the game!

Legend of Runeterra

Legend of Runeterra Android Games

Legends of Runeterra is one of the top android games in 2021 that is quite popular these days. It has many features, and it’s free. The game seems to be inspired by another game named League of Legends, but it’s not an official version of this game, so it has its own plot and gameplay. The plot is about some fighting between two factions- Noxus and Demacia. They’re fighting because Demacia thinks that Noxus wants to dominate all of Runeterra (a fantasy world) and Noxus thinks that their opponents are weaklings.

The game process takes place on the map where you can walk around searching for monsters to kill or quests to complete. Quests are available from different NPCs that live in different settlements on the map. Quests usually ask you to kill some monsters or collect some items, but there are exceptions; sometimes you have to pick up an item from one location and bring it to another one, talk to some NPC, deliver a message, etc.

You don’t have any character classes in this android game; you decide what kind of character you want to play as soon as you start the game. If you want you can change.


Minecraft Android Games

Minecraft is one of the most popular best offline games for android as well as online. There are many reasons for this, but there’s one thing that trumps all others: the game is just plain fun. Click here to download these free android games. Download

The visuals are simple but charming. The world is made out of cubes, so everything has a Lego-like feel to it (which also makes it easy to build). You start off alone in an infinite world with only three very basic items: a sword for fighting, some wood planks for building, and some food for keeping your character alive. That might sound scary, but don’t worry; you’ll soon discover that you’re not alone (there are also monsters, which can kill you).

● Minecraft has a certain aesthetic that makes it very popular, but its simplicity is also part of what makes it so attractive.

● It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of how to play, but there’s an enormous amount of depth to explore once you get started.

● This is especially true when you play with friends; the whole game turns into a giant scavenger hunt as each person tries to collect rare resources or encounter rare creatures or enter hidden areas in order to build cool things that they can use in their own houses.

● Everyone contributes something different to the game and collaborates on creating something bigger than any single player could.

Monument valley

Monument valley Android Games

Monument Valley is a puzzle android game. You move a silent princess through an Escher-like world of impossible architecture, sliding her between paths and landmarks, turning the world upside down and back to front. It’s also a story, about the princess and her silent companion, Ida. It makes no sense to talk about the story without mentioning spoilers, so I won’t try.

The art in Monument Valley is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It is considered as one of the top mobile games 2021. It’s a sort of chiaroscuro in which everything is made out of paper cutouts: the princess and her companions, the towers and walls, and bridges they pass through. The effect is at times hauntingly beautiful, especially when lit by sun or moonlight slanting in from one side or another.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Android Games

Pokemon go is an android game that has taken the world by storm and its success is not surprising. It’s an augmented reality game and an open-world adventure. The gamer uses his smartphone to find and capture Pokemon, train them and then battle them against the computer or with other gamers.

The game is based on the popular Game Boy version of Pokemon and was developed by Niantic Labs, a Google startup company. It’s been downloaded more than 50 million times in the US alone and more than 100 million times around the world.

The idea of using your smartphone camera as a portal to another world is not new, there have been several movies over the years that have done this effectively, most notably Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. In that film, a person used an electronic device that was built into their jacket sleeve to interact with a virtual environment projected on a screen in front of them. In Pokemon Go, it is slightly more complicated as you have to use your smartphone camera to find Pokemon characters in real locations using augmented reality technology. When you see one you can catch it by throwing a Pokeball at it using your finger on your smartphone screen.


PUBG best android games

PUBG is a most viral addictive android game. PUBG is one of the top android games free available on playstore.PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game is based on previous mods that were created by Brendan

PUBG is a 100-player battle royale shooter with a few popular competitors. In PUBG, you parachute onto an island, scavenge for weapons and equipment, and try to stay alive by killing other players or evading them.

The goal is to be the last person alive. If you die, you have to watch the remaining players battle it out until only one is left standing. All of this is done from a first-person perspective.

Star Dew Valley

Star Dew Valley best android games

Star Dew Valley is the latest android game from the makers of Star Dew. In this one, you have to run a lemonade stand as an alternative to your regular job as a miner. As you do so, you will make money and it will be up to you to figure out how to spend them on upgrades and new equipment. The graphics are still as sharp as they were in the previous version and the gameplay is still as challenging as ever.

● It’s not an easy game to master and you might find yourself replaying levels multiple times until you’re able to beat them all.

● The good thing about that though is that it will keep you coming back for more and more because once you finally master a level, it will feel like a great accomplishment.

● The special effects in this game are also very well done and the cute little character designs remind me of old school games like Super Mario Bros. So if you’re looking for something that feels familiar yet different, Star Dew Valley is the Android game for you.

The Room Series

The Room Series best android games

The Room Series is one of the most adventurous and mysterious free best strategy games android available on the google play store. The game offers incredible graphics and advanced features that make it unique in the market. The player assumes the role of the main character who is searching for his wife, which was kidnapped by an unknown person. The player has to go inside a house where he has to solve all the puzzles and find his wife.

The game involves various tasks to be completed in order to earn points, unlock new rooms, and level up, which include – puzzle-solving, hidden object finding, mini-games, etc.

Room Two is the sequel of the popular mystery adventure Android game The Room Series which is offered for free on Android. The sequel offers fascinating graphics and advanced features which makes it different from its previous version. The player assumes the role of the main character who has to find his wife who was kidnapped by an unknown person. He has to enter a place where he has to solve all the puzzles and find his wife.


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